Sports Crowdfunding: Plymouth Argyle Ladies FC

When Plymouth Argyle Ladies FC got promoted to the Women’s Premier League for the 2014/15 season itwas a great day for football fans all over the county. But if there success was to be continued, they’d need vital funds to cover costs for their matches, training and everything that goes with it.The team decided to[…]

Crowdfunding for business: How to raise funds for your start up

After suffering from acne for 15 years, and with no end in sight, Jordan Marc Sully decided to take charge. He took a holistic approach and developed a range of natural skincare products, which he used alongside lifestyle changes. The results speak for themselves: in just six months he was free of acne for the[…]

Sports crowdfunding: Nicola Noble’s 7 top tips

When student Nicola Noble missed out on a Sports Scholarship, she could have given up her dream of completing in the Sprint Duathlon at the European Championships. But she didn’t – she discovered Crowdfunder instead. After attending a Crowdfunder workshop at Plymouth University, the second year Occupational Therapy student decided to set up her own project. She[…]

Will your project get crowdfunded?

Do you have an idea that keeps you awake at night, an idea you really believe in, that you know has potential, that you want to make a reality and share with the world? At Crowdfunder we believe in helping everyone to make their project a success, but there a few key factors that you’ll need[…]

Crowdfunder launches Crowdfund Plymouth as part of Crowdfunder Local – with £60k match funding on offer

Plymouth community projects and social enterprises will be able to tap into funds as part of a pioneering crowdfunding scheme launched on March 4, 2015. Plymouth City Council has set aside £60,000 for projects on Crowdfund Plymouth – as part of Crowdfunder Local, a nationwide initiative, launched by Crowdfunder. Projects launching as part of Crowdfund[…]

Crowdfunding the Batten Bay BioBlitz 2014

When the Batten Bay BioBlitz organisers were looking for a new way to raise funds and support for their annual event, crowdfunding seemed like a great choice. A BioBlitz is a race to record as much wildlife as possible in a certain area over a 24-hour period. This year the Marine Biological Association held their[…]