How to crowdfund a robot…

Mathew Walker from OhbotRobot talks to Crowdfunder about why he and Dan Warner decided to crowdfund a robot. The duo are on a mission to bring robotics and programming to schools across the UK and are crowdfunding to make their idea a reality.  Dan (Matthew’s business partner) and I first met in March 2014 as I was[…]

Queen of Code Project Profile: Letitia Graham

Tell us a little about your background and how you got involved with creating games…I’m currently a second year student at the University of Greenwich, studying Computing with Games Development. I’ve always been playing games since I was little and so it just made sense for me to drive my studies and career towards an[…]

Queen of Code Project Profile: Dr Natasha Angelopoulou

The Queen of Code campaign is currently under way Creative England have partnered with Crowdfunder to give female game developers the opportunity to raise funds.Her project will be designed specifically for those who suffer from deafness and the hearing impaired. By using 3D sensors and tracking mechanisms, Natasha hopes to help bring the gaming market[…]

Queen of Code Project Profile: Jessika Wiper

The Queen of Code campaign is currently under way Creative England have partnered with Crowdfunder to give female game developers the opportunity to raise funds.Jessika Wiper intends to develop games for people with disabilities. Her current focus is to design a game that’s accessible to people with Cerebral Palsy and the funding she hopes to raise via her Queen of[…]

Queen of Code Project Profile: Bianka Kovacs

The Queen of Code campaign is currently under way. Creative England have partnered with Crowdfunder to give female game developers the opportunity to raise funds. Gamer and developer Bianka Kovacs creator of Pocket Drakes, a unique game based on the personalisation of dragons tells us why she decided to get involved with the Queen of Code and[…]

Meet Constance Fleuriot – crowdfunding with #QueenOfCode

As we reach out to female game developers in England with Creative England, we talk with each of the women who are crowdfunding their game ideas as part of our #QueenOfCode campaign.  Creative England interviews Constance Fleuriot about her game Lux and the Shadow Maker. Tell us a bit about your game studio and how it was formed? At the[…]

Star Catcher – a #QueenOfCode Crowdfunder

Our Queen of Code programme in partnership with Creative England is in full swing, with female game developers all working hard on their Crowdfunder campaigns to give their projects a boost!  Alice Bowman is using the programme to fund her game Star Catcher, an atmospheric point-and-click adventure that takes its inspiration from fairy tales. Creative England talked[…]

England’s top female game developers launch Queen Of Code Crowdfunder campaigns

Crowdfunder and Creative England have launched 14 innovative campaigns as part of their #QueenOfCode partnership to find and fund English women in game development.Female game developers and creators from across England have launched individual Crowdfunder projects to gain funding to make their great ideas a reality as part of Creative England’s Queen of Code campaign.Jaspal Sohal,[…]

Are you the Queen of Code? We’re looking for England’s top female game developers

We’ve joined forces with Creative England to find and fund England’s top female game developers and freelancers via an innovative crowdfunding partnership.   A widely reported 49% of gamers in the UK are women but only 12% of the people making the games are female. This partnership aims to put the creative juices of the female counterpart of the[…]