Scottish Daily Mail Award winners reach their £750 target in just four days!

Here at Crowdfunder HQ we love creative projects as much as we love the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Engineer Theatre Collective fit into both of these passions of ours. The Engineer Theatre Collective needed to raise £750 which would enable them to take their performance to the Fringe Festival this year.

A small group of lucky backers will get the chance to walk the red carpet

Moving Lights Theatre Company, based in Edinburgh, who looked to the crowd in the hope of raising 3300 for their latest production; No Escape. With four days left they have managed to raise the £300 plus a tad more.

One man with a mission to change tax’s laws reaches his 9k target

All the team here at Crowdfunder HQ are so happy for Yoni Smith who managed to reach his 9k target to produce a short but engaging film on the importance of Land Value Tax.Yoni gained loads of support for his project and even managed to bag himself two 2k pledges – wow! We couldn’t be[…]

Project of the week: The Taxing Question of Land Value

Has everyone seen our project of the week? We love Yoni Smith’s project: The Taxing Question of Land Value. Yoni is a man with a mission and he is looking to raise 9k to produce a documentary that will raise the importance of Land Value Tax.  Yoni is keen to promote the awareness of LVT – an[…]

Success for talented film students!

The film is a dark comedy following Fabian, the deliverer of Pizzeria Venezia. One night, he finds himself in a flat with three  girls who seem terribly disappointed because he is not the Italian they expected and refuse to pay him…Entangled in this light-hearted comedy are themes such as superficial beauty, narcissism, loss of identity[…]

offBeat films, have raised £600 for their most ambitious film to date using the crowdfunding platform; Crowdfunder, in just 30days

A massive well done to offBeat films who have raised £600 for their most ambitious film to date. In just 30 days offBeat Films have raised funds to produce a twenty minute short film titled Free Falling.Free Falling is a twenty minute short film produced by offBeat Films that was shot last summer in London. The[…]

Latest success: The Girl Who Ran Away

Our success this week was a film project titled; The Girl Who Ran Away (scared) From The World. They were looking to raise £500 to make a beautiful film about a girl named Alice. They successfully finished this week on 106%.The film will present the story of Alice, a young girl (11 yrs) who is isolated from[…]

Project Success: Steel Magnolias

Crowdfunder HQ have something to smile about this Monday morning – yet another success. The latest project to raise the pounds are Moving Lights (a brand new theatre company, based in Edinburgh).Moving Lights is designed to give new actors, writers and directors a chance to explore theatre in their own way. Set up in January 2011,[…]

Two projects succeed this week.

This week we are pleased to say that New Memories For Old and Solider Godfather have both smashed their targets and raised more than their target amounts.New Memories For Old was a photography project founded by a group of BA Hons photography students from Cumbria. They wanted to showcase photographs that explore the memory –[…]

Massive Success for The Hitch finishing on 167%

Our latest project to reach success is The Hitch, a romantic comedy produced by third year Film and Television Production students at the University of Westminster. This was a huge success for the student group who managed to complete their project with a massive 167%.The group were looking to raise £800 but ended up gaining[…]

Latest film project, Waking Up, gets funded

Today the Crowdfunder team are really happy to say that Waking Up joins our growing list of successfully funded projects. The budding film producers behind the short film managed to raise their target amount of £1,000.The short film Waking Up takes an interesting turn on the classic fairy-tale Sleeping Beauty. After pricking herself on the[…]

Huge congratulations to all three projects who raised their funding last week

We want to say a huge well done to Rejects of Retail, Shattered and Growing Pains who all managed to reach their target amounts (and some) last week. We love funding creative projects here at Crowdfunder and all three of these are just that.Rejects of Retail is a multi-camera sitcom made by third year BA[…]

Massive congrats to the third year television students who reach their £200 target

The Crowdfunder team are really excited to announce that a multi-camera studio production team have raised their target £200 to make JIM, within 30 days.The team needed £200 to pay for production costs for their sitcom called JIM. The money was used for the background set and other expenses. All of their actors has agreed to[…]

New Project Arrives to Crowdfunder – The Remy Awards

The Crowdfunder team are really excited to start working with The Remy Awards, the latest project to go live on the site.We can’t wait to start working with Amanda to help fulfill many budding film makers dreams.The Remy Awards is an annual awards ceremony, designed to recognise, celebrate and award the talent of today’s youth in[…]