Our crowd is building a sustainable future

By coming together to find and activate solutions, we can begin to work towards a more sustainable future both in the UK and worldwide. What exactly do we mean when we talk about a ‘more sustainable future’? Whilst the definition of sustainability isn’t set-in-stone, the term is universally used in regards to approaches that do,[…]

Our community is tackling and improving sustainability throughout the UK

With the latest statistics depicting a tale of horror, it is now believed that around 18 million tonnes of food, from both households and businesses, is finding its way into landfill each year throughout the UK.To put it simply, we are either buying too much food, or not using it in time, and the incredibly[…]

Project Focus: Munching Caterpillars

Butterfly Conservation returned to the Crowdfunder platform to run their sixth project. With a total of £53.1K raised so far, they have just achieved their biggest success yet!Butterfly Conservation represent the definition of both nature lovers and Crowdfunder.co.uk veterans, with a goal in their most recent project to inspire a new generation of wildlife guardians for[…]

How a sustainable fish supply chain netted much more funding than expected

Sole of Discretion is the brainchild of restaurateur Caroline Bennett. She’s been concerned for years about the state of fish stocks and thought there must be a way to reward fishers who do things properly. But high street banks weren’t interested.

Enchanted Acres – permaculture Crowdfunder campaign – one year on!

In summer 2013 Clare and Andy Monson launched a campaign to help finance Enchanted Acres – a permaculture project which aims to pass on sustainable living skills, free of charge. To their delight they ended up beating their target of £3,400 and one year on they are hard at work making their dream a reality. Permaculture[…]