Will your project get crowdfunded?

Do you have an idea that keeps you awake at night, an idea you really believe in, that you know has potential, that you want to make a reality and share with the world? At Crowdfunder we believe in helping everyone to make their project a success, but there a few key factors that you’ll need[…]

How a Crowdfunder campaign united a region…

Once in a while you see a project that captures the imagination like no other.   “Bring the Foo Fighters to Cornwall” was one of those projects.   It took two great disparate ingredients and put them together to make something that made you sit up and ask “why has no one done that before!”[…]

Newquay Community Orchard – harnessing people-power with Crowdfunder

Newquay Community Orchard is all about creating a public space in the heart of the Cornish town that empowers the local community. So harnessing the power of the people through Crowdfunder was the perfect way to get this ambitious project off the ground.   The project is led by Urban Biodiversity CIC, a newly formed[…]

Top 9 UK Crowdfunding Videos 2014

2014 was a brilliant year for crowdfunders across the UK and our Crowdfunder Academy team have revisited some of their favourite videos to provide inspiration and ideas for new projects launching their Crowdfunder campaigns this year:   Head Crowdfunder Academy Coach, Si, is a fan of the hugely popular Foo Fighters campaign, surfer, Andrew Cotton’s Behind the Lines film and Aspinalls project vid[…]

Crowdfund your city – national rollout announced

  Crowdfunder is rolling out UK-wide campaigns to raise funds and create positive economic impacts in cities and counties across Britain.    The four cities immediately benefiting from a region-specific campaign rollout are Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh.   Crowdfunding projects across the cities have already raised substantial funds in their respective areas and it’s expected that[…]

We had a great time at the CRCC event!

We love the guys over at Cornwall Rural Community Council and what they are doing for community groups over Cornwall is amazing. We recently held an event with some of the team at the CRCC at Newquay Sports Centre.

Nice words from Source FM

Source FM is a community radio station based in Penryn, Cornwall, who managed to raise just over £4,000 for a new transmitter. This was a fab project and lovely to see the people of Cornwall get behind it and support an independent station. Here are some lovely words from Matt about the crowdfunding experience.

Can the crowd save Huer’s hut?

People of Newquay, residents of Cornwall, holiday makers, history enthusiasts and you, can you help save Huer’s hut? Wouldn’t it be amazing if the crowd was able to fund a little part of history? Emily Smith caught up with John to talk about the history of the hut and the exciting plans to crowdfund. Together we can bring Newquay to it’s former glory.

Crowdfund Cornwall and The Cornwall Community Foundation – Together we are stronger!

The Cornwall Community Foundation has teamed up with Crowdfunder to match fund Cornish community projects across the region by earmarking £50k for Crowdfund Cornwall campaigns that meet the Foundation’s criteria.