Will your project get crowdfunded?

Do you have an idea that keeps you awake at night, an idea you really believe in, that you know has potential, that you want to make a reality and share with the world? At Crowdfunder we believe in helping everyone to make their project a success, but there a few key factors that you’ll need[…]

Crowdfunder is bringing independents back to the high street…

Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin. This is a story about a man with a dream, a man who loved the magic of books and who wanted to share that love with others. But Michael didn’t want just any bookshop; he wanted to create a space in which people could sit and relax, read,[…]

Youngest crowdfunder ever hits target!

This week we are so excited to announce that the UK’s youngest crowdfunder ever reached his target on our platform. Dylan, only six years old, (celebrates his seventh birthday this weekend) asked the crowd to support him in his venture and raise £450 to produce his recipe book Cracking Good Recipes.

Did you know you can ask for helpers too?

We think it’s fantastic that so many people want to contribute money to these great ideas. However, not only do we love it when people are willing to put money into a project but what we love is when project owners ask people for their time and skills to help their ideas become a reality.

So, what the bloody hell is an alpaca …

… why not ask Alan Parks? Alan and his partner Lorna have been living in Spain for five years, when they moved to start a new life. Whilst there they have started to breed alpacas and Alan ended up writing a book titled ‘Seriously mum, what’s an alpaca?’ He came to Crowdfunder.co.uk to ask the[…]

Ten to One collaborate creative ideas to make something unique!

Friday success: Ten To One raise £700. Everyone has a great idea for a book or longs to take part in something unique which is why Crowdfunder HQ love the idea behind Ten To One so much. What is Ten to One all about? Ten To One is a collaborative writing project. Ten writers will work together[…]


We know how important rewards are to a successful pitch which is why we’re here to help. It’s really important that your rewards entice backers to look at your project and that they reflect the amount of money people are pledging. Here at Crowdfunder we know it can be hard to come up with reward[…]

Books and Magazine Rewards

Crowdfunding a publishing project but want help with your rewards? Well, that’s why we are here to help. Crowdfunder loves funding the latest niche magazine or book, it’s great to add new publications to the ever growing magazine industry. Here we love funding magazines that bring something new to the magazine industry rather than producing[…]