Did you know you can ask for helpers too?

We think it’s fantastic that so many people want to contribute money to these great ideas. However, not only do we love it when people are willing to put money into a project but what we love is when project owners ask people for their time and skills to help their ideas become a reality.

It’s great news all round as Crowdfund Cornwall celebrates two more successes!

It’s smiles all round for Crowdfunder HQ today as two fantastic Cornish projects hit their target. First to complete was The Art of Surfing who managed to raise £1,567 who were then followed shortly after by Shutterpod who smashed their 1k target, ending on 132%.

Cycle wall of death. Dare you ride it?

This weekends success was The Bomberdrome Live Show! The Bomberdrome is the cycle wall of death, sound scary? Well the guys behind this great idea have just managed to raise £580 to take the bomberdrome to the Bristol Cycling Festival.

Josie Purcell talks to BBC Radio Cornwall about all things Shutterpod!

Josie Purcell, project owner of Shutterpod, talks to Tiffany Truscott about all things Shutterpod. She explains why it’s ‘not just about funding yourself, it’s creating something that can benefit other people.’

Turning Earth Ceramics Studio reach their 8k target in just two days!

We love it when a project gets it and this one definately got it! Tallie aimed to raise 8k to open the Turning Earth Ceramics Studio and after only two days has smashed this target by already raising £9,665.

Photography students collaborate to make the funds

We love it when people collaborate to make a great idea happen. Photography and photojournalism students from Staffordshire University joined forces to raise £250 to help make their exhibition a huge success.

Collective get funded by the crowd!

It’s that time of the week again when we bring you yet another success story. This time it’s a collective of 13 photography degree students at The Manchester College, who raised £225 to showcase a collection of their works at an End Of Year exhibition. The Togaedere Collective Photography Exhibition is just one of the many creative[…]

Meet Holly Young – founder of Holly Young Headwear

We managed to catch up with Holly Young, founder of Holly Young Headwear before she launches her project on Monday as part of the Crowdfund Cornwall Campaign. Emily Smith asks her all about her business, why Cornwall and why she’s turning to the crowd. Holly has been building her fashion business since 2010 after moving[…]

Fantastic art project celebrates the life of artist Frida Kahlowith

A huge well done to Jo Colley who has managed to raise her £350 target with two days spare. Jo is a writer and digital learning designer from Darlington, she asked the crowd to help her raise £350 so she could celebrate the life and work of acclaimed self portrait artist Frida Kahlowith. The money raised will go towards[…]

From doodles to masterpieces with the help of the crowd

Friday success: My Thought Doodle Exhibition! Donna loves to doodle but decided why should these drawings stay in notebooks and scraps  of paper, why can’t everyone see them? Donna asked the crowd to help her raise £300 so she could exhibit her work at ‘Cafe So What?’ Today she reached her target with a massive 20 days[…]