Bon Scott Statue Kirriemuir: Local community raise £50,000 (!) for statue of AC/DC legend


The background

In September 2015, community group DD8 Music decided to crowdfund a statue of AC/DC legend Bon Scott for their home town of Kirriemuir, Angus. 

The big idea

People were quick to get behind the idea. Kirriemuir already has a few things honouring Bon in the town, including Bon Scott Place, and an annual music festival, Bonfest, but looked to add the statue to their repertoire.

What happened

After raising over £50,000 from 117 backers, the statue was given the go-ahead by local councils in January!

The pledge rewards

Pledge rewards ranged from £10 to £2,500 and the names of everyone who pledged will be included in a memorial book that will be buried in a time capsule under the statue.

In the press

The project gained mass exposure – featuring in, The Guardian and Kirriemuir Herald which both celebrated the success of the crowdfunding campaign. More recently, the story has been featured on the BBC and The Scotsman, which includes a great quote from Brechin councillor Mairi Evans, who is on the development standards committee: “Very rarely do I get so excited about a planning permission coming through, but I maybe should have declared an interest in this as a massive fan of AC/DC.

What’s next

The statue will be unveiled at 1pm on Saturday 30th April, as part of Bonfest 2016. The festival marks the 10th anniversary of the rock music festival in honour of AC/DC’s Bon Scott. It takes place in Bon’s Scottish hometown of Kirriemuir.

What they said

“We had a fantastic experience with Crowdfunder, and found the support from the outset was a huge boost to our campaign. After having ran a previously unsuccessful campaign with one of the other big sites, we we’re initially a little sceptical about going back to try a second time around. However the advice we got from Crowdfunder about making sure you prepare properly for a campaign launch, and the importance of a plotted out media strategy, meant that things went amazingly well.”

Graham Galloway, DD8 Music

Tips to project owners

Graham commented on tips to project owners: “The key to a successful campaign is realising that the real work is done before the campaign launches. You’ve got to know your audience, and think about rewards that are  going to appeal to them. We were very fortunate, in that we had a ready made worldwide audience (AC/DC fans) that we could tap right into. Every campaign, whether local, national or international, has a crowd out there somewhere!

This project is featured as part of Crowdfund Angus – come and check it out! 

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