It might be Blue Monday, but #mentalhealthawareness isn’t going anywhere

Blue Monday becomes a hot topic of conversation every January, with statistics suggesting that it’s expected to be the most depressing day of the year, and sure, it’s easy to see how the bleakness of this grey Monday might be contributing to the mid-winter slump. However, there’s a bigger message at play and Anita Sethi highlights the importance of prioritising #mentalhealthawareness all year round in her article, Blue Monday isn’t the only day depression can strike. Here’s how I cope.’

Some of the top points offered in her ‘own personal formula for alleviating depression and anxiety on blue days, grey days and golden days’, are perfectly aligned with ideas coming from the Crowd, who are similarly invested in raising the profile around mental health awareness. 

5 tips to alleviate depression and anxiety



 1. Walking

From the article…

“When I started walking regularly, early in the morning and at night, I felt my mood begin to lift, the anxiety start to dissipate with each footstep.”

From the Crowd…

Jake Tyler – Black Dog Walks

Crowdfunded to promote exercise and the great outdoors as tools to combat depression and manage overall mental health – all underpinned by a desire to spread mental health awareness.



2. Nature

From the article…

“Spend some time outdoors, in green places. I live in a city, and changing my morning walk so it passes through a park rather than along a busy, blaring, polluted main road has done wonders for my mental health.”

From the Crowd…

Bringing people and nature back together

Crowdfunded to fund an ambitious project to help new audiences participate in crucial conservation work. Butterflies and moths are key indicators of the health of our environment, connecting us to nature and contributing to our wellbeing.



3. Art

From the article…

“Reading improves wellbeing and builds empathy. And music lifts my mood (Blue Monday by New Order, any day).”

From the Crowd…

The I Am Nincompoop Masterplan

Crowdfunded to make the world a bolder braver funnier place, with their hilarious debut show and exciting artist development and outreach program.



4. Food

From the article…

“I realised that unhealthy eating was affecting my mood. So now I feed both body and mind with healthy stuff.”

From the Crowd…

Stoneham Bakehouse

Crowdfunded to fit out their community bakery. Stoneham Bakehouse bakes bread and promotes the therapeutic benefit that it can have when battling with depression and anxiety.




5. Altruism

From the article…

“The simple act of helping others can do wonders for one’s own wellbeing.”

From the Crowd…

Volunteering crops up in almost every Crowdfunder project, and the recent Nesta Matching the Crowd report revealed that there was a potential 33% uplift in volunteering after crowdfunding.

We have money to giveaway for ideas that help communities and support wellbeing. Find out more here.

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