Birmingham: Community Innovation Fund have partnered with Birmingham City Council to offer extra funding to the projects that help local citizens to live healthily and confidently within their own homes and communities throughout the City.

Looking specifically to support adult social care, to combat social isolation, and ultimately help people to live independently and happily, the Community Innovation Fund strategically supports Crowdfunder projects that are making a real impact within communities all across Birmingham.

Since November 2017, the fund has so far distributed £35,000 to support five different projects, that collectively raised an extra £46,000 through the crowd, including The Bridge and Permission To Smile. Setting the tone for what community innovation could mean within Birmingham, these projects are bringing the City’s attention to the power of creative ideas and the positive impact that they can have.

Birmingham City Council want to continue enhancing this level of innovation, and see ideas, projects and proposals that are trying to do things differently as the way forward. Recognising that there are big issues and problems which can’t be solved through continuing to do the same things, the Council are now on the lookout for more projects to support that are working within their criteria areas.

Austin Rodriguez, Commissioning Manager at Birmingham City Council, said, “Birmingham City Council is investing in the Community Innovation Fund to help deliver on our vision for ‘citizens to lead healthy, happy, independent lives within their own homes and communities’.”

Dig for Disabilities received £4,500 of extra funding from Birmingham City Council

Austin added, “We believe that the best prevention approaches are those which focus on both the wellbeing of citizens and communities and building connections between people and places. We also understand that to do this well, we need to think differently about the types of services, projects, organisations, groups and activities which we fund, looking beyond and outside traditional adult social care and health ideas and approaches.  The Community Innovation Fund is one of the ways we hope to be able to do this.”

By uniting extra funding with money raised from the crowd, local projects can receive validation that their idea is a great one through crowdfunding, as well as the actual cash to make it happen. It’s a win win scenario for creating a ripple of impact throughout the City.

With £200,000 in total to distribute over the next six months, the Community Innovation Fund will provide a maximum of 50% in extra funding towards a Crowdfunder project, up to the value of £10,000, if it matches their priorities and outcomes.

If you think that your Birmingham based project may fit the criteria, then fill out the form on the Community Innovation Fund page to get in touch. Let’s make the City thrive!

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