Arts University Bournemouth return for a second year to celebrate student filmmakers

We are excited to work in partnership with Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) and the Bournemouth Film School (BFS) for the second year running to offer student film and documentary makers the chance to raise funds from the Crowd, on top of grants already received from the University.

With a history spanning over 50 years, Bournemouth Film School (BFS) sits at the heart of Arts University Bournemouth (AUB), setting the standard for turning creativity into careers. The institutes have worked hard to create an encouraging and nurturing environment where students produce award-winning films and go on to become some of the industry’s biggest names.

In a celebration of creativity, AUB and BFS are working with Crowdfunder once again to reflect the collaborative nature of the film industry and offer students the opportunity to showcase the fruits of their hard work. The twelve projects receive an initial grant from the University, which will be pledged on each Crowdfunder project page, but the rest is up to the students!

Jonathan Carr, Course Leader (BA) Film at AUB, said, “Last year we managed to see a number of bold, innovative and ambitious films come to fruition. This was largely as a result of acquiring funding through our partnership with Crowdfunder. The platform, workshops and coaching provided our students with the springboard to generate overwhelming support and pledges. We’re excited to continue our collaboration with Crowdfunder in creating a slate of evocative and inspiring films.”

The collaboration with Crowdfunder to offer #BFSFilmFunder represents the commitment that the University has to ensuring that their students receive the support and initiatives that will enhance the learning experience and provide employable skills.

Bertie Herrtage, Crowdfunding Coach at Crowdfunder, said, “It’s a pleasure to work with the students at BFS. There is a huge amount of talent here and the process of running a crowdfunding campaign, I believe, is a valuable and relevant experience which will serve them well in their careers ahead.”

To up the stakes and raise the bar for each of the crowdfunding projects involved, there will be an additional £500 pledge available for just one project – selected by an expert panel of judges.

It’s a unique opportunity for the students involved to firstly raise funds from the Crowd, but secondly, and perhaps more importantly, gain some valuable feedback and validation for their ideas.

The twelve projects will be live until 14th December, and the truly high-quality level of work coming from this establishment is an absolute must-see.

Watch all of the films and show your support for the projects here.

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