BBC Current Affairs are on the hunt for bright business and social enterprise ideas!


Crowdfunder has been approached by BBC Current Affairs to help them discover the brightest new and early stage business ideas here in the UK.


The team over at BBC HQ are looking for people with projects that have not yet started their funding journey (or are at the very beginning) of making their ideas, businesses and social enterprises happen.


The reason they are on the hunt for unique, interesting and early stage ideas is because they are currently researching for a documentary for people who are in the very early stages of setting up a business – and who are starting their financial journey into finding finance.


As a hotbed for creative, ingenious, inspirational ideas, Crowdfunder is just the place to start looking and we’ve got it on good authority that they already like the look of some of the great projects that are raising funds on our website.


If you’d like the opportunity to take part and be put forward as a case study, please fill out the form below and we will pass your details on to the BBC Current Affairs team.




The Crowdfunder Team


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