The Autumn Series: Make Your Idea Happen

Want to make your idea happen, but don’t know where to start? Then catch up on The Autumn Series, our online trio of workshops, to get the latest crowdfunding tips and advice. 

Our online workshop series offers you the opportunity to get the inside scoop from our Crowdfunder expert Bertie, who shares his insider knowledge to ensure that you get all of the advice needed for crowdfunding success.

Broken down into three parts, the online workshops cover the key topics that you need to be clued up on in order to start raising money for your idea.

For the full lowdown, we highly recommend that you watch all three sessions, but you can choose to watch just one or two of them if you’d prefer. There is a short PDF guide related to each of the three key topics – Planning • Creating • Running – and it’s a good idea to have a read through of each of these before watching the related online workshop. 

Planning Your Project

You can read the related guide here – Planning
Guest appearance from Steph Watson – Keep the Solent Wild and Wonderful

Creating Your Project

You can read the related guide here – Creating
Guest appearance from Garry Hunt – Borrow Don’t Buy

Running Your Project

You can read the related guide here – Running
Guest appearance from Adrià Tarrida – Crumbs! Help us brew more types of beer!

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