Women take the lead in Crowdfunding success

In July 2017 the PWC Report ‘Women Unbound’ reported that ‘In an analysis of over 450,000 seed crowdfunding campaigns across the globe it shows that women-led campaigns reached their funding target more often than male-led campaigns: in fact, campaigns led by women across the world in 2015 and 2016 were 32% more successful than those[…]

Support a project combating loneliness and isolation in your community this Christmas

Whilst many of us are looking forward to Christmas, this time of year can magnify feelings of loneliness and Christmas can suddenly deliver feelings of isolation and despair for many people in our communities. Crowdfunder.co.uk projects on these themes peak at this time of year.A recent Samaritans study reveals that one in six people feel[…]

Crowdfunder to work with The Design Council to bring new UK designs to life and to the market

Crowdfunder.co.uk has announced a new partnership with the Design Council to support and encourage UK businesses to design innovative new products and get them to market.The UK’s #1 rewards-based crowdfunding platform is collaborating with The Design Council’s Spark 2018 initiative, a support and funding programme designed to help turn bright ideas in commercially successful products.[…]

Cycling without Age

Reconnecting Generations One Pedal at a Time

Cycling Without Age achieves crowdfunding target as high street bank, Santander, pledges an extra £20,000 on top.A Falkirk project which has been designed to take elderly people on cycle rides to reduce isolation in the community, has achieved its crowdfunding target of £20,000, with Santander matching the fund by contributing an extra £20,000 on top.Subject of[…]

Crowdfunder's Fund Matchmaker

Introducing Crowdfunder’s Funds Matchmaker – Let us help you get extra money for your ideas

Crowdfunder has money to give away – there we said it. We have pots of fund money from partners to give to projects to supercharge their success. We currently have over £4 million waiting to go to great ideas.Crowdfunder works with partners such as Santander, Virgin, M&S and many councils across the UK to distribute[…]

The OX at Watergate Bay on it way to Crowdfunder celebration at Crowdfunder Newquay

Cornwall celebrates success at Crowdfunder’s Summer Experience

Today, Cornwall-based business Crowdfunder is hosting its Summer Experience event as it celebrates raising more than £40 million for projects around the UK, welcoming attendees from companies including Virgin, Santander, JC Decaux, Tesco and M&S, all flying in from London.Cornwall has had twice as many successful crowdfunding businesses than the UK average (40% vs 23%)[…]