ASK AMY: Connecting Gen Y to Politics via Crowdfunder

Ioannis Giazizoglou, part of the Ask Amy team talks about politics for Gen Y why they’ve chosen Crowdfunder to raise funds to change how young people vote:

Ask Amy At the last General Election, only half of the 17 million Brits in their 20s and 30s voted. Why? It’s not because Generation Y doesn’t care – more than a third of people in their 20s and 30s signed a petition last year. In the recent Scottish Referendum, over 90% of eligible voters turned out in some areas. 

The problem isn’t that we don’t care– it’s that too many people in their 20s and 30s feel disengaged with politics as it is done in modern Britain. It’s too opaque, too remote, too complicated. That’s why we launched No One Ever Told Me About Politics back in May, with support from the three main political parties. Our aim to make politics more accessible to ordinary people who don’t live in the Westminster bubble.

We’ve held events and meetings and even gone out on the street talking to people, but now we can announce an exciting development: our politics app, Ask Amy, is seeking funding on Crowdfunder! Generation Y are the crowdfunding generation – pioneers of collective funding for businesses, cult films and even music. Given that we exist to help connect Gen Y to politics, there is no better place for us to get funding than on Crowdfunder – connecting us to the very people we want to reach from the beginning.

How does Ask Amy work?  You just ask her a question: whatever you want to know about politics, in your own words.  She’ll give you a straight-up answer: no spin, no jargon, no BS.  

We’ve already developed a prototype app which has had a great response, and now we know some of the big questions about politics that are on the minds of the people we’re trying to reach.  By giving people an approachable, fun way to find out answers to these questions we’re opening the door for younger people to get more involved in politics, whether that’s finding out more about an issue, voting or even joining a political party.

And that’s just the beginning.  We want to take it further, so Amy gets to know more about you and can let you know about what’s happening in politics that’s relevant to you.  Like your own personal news service.

Now we want to take the prototype and build the final app so we can reach more of the 17 million people in their 20s and 30s in the run-up to next year’s election.  We want them to be able to find out about politics and have their say – but we need your help. 

Talk Talk support Ask AmySupport our Crowdfunder and it’ll give us the vital cash to do the technical development, set up the app and begin promoting it.  We’ve already raised more than £3,500 in less than 2 weeks — including winning a £1,000 charity tech prize from phone & broadband company TalkTalk!

But we need to go further.  We’re looking for £5,000 of funding: please can you help?  Donate on our crowdfunder page, and you only pay if we reach our full target:


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