#VOOM Pick of the week

VOOM pick of the week - Explorium

This week’s business to win an additional £1,000 pledge on their project is… Explorium!

Explorium is a creative learning agency bringing real world opportunities to ordinary children so they can achieve extraordinary things together. We caught up with the Somerset-based innovators during their VOOM crowdfund – read their story

What is #VOOM Pick of the week?

In case you missed it… over the past month everyone who uploaded a pitch into Virgin Media Business‘s VOOM competition has had the opportunity to “Carry on Crowdfunding”.

Every Friday, the five who raise the most money will be considered by a panel from Virgin Media Business and Crowdfunder for the weekly £1,000 prize.

Starting this Friday – Pick of the week opens for all businesses!

From Friday 8th July, #VOOM Pick of week is open to all UK and Irish businesses. If you missed out on the first round of VOOM, now’s your chance to take part and win £1,000 for your business. VOOM Crowdfunder ‘Pick of the Week’ will run until 12th August. That’s six more shots at a £1,000 cash injection for YOUR business.

Enter VOOM pick of the week to win £1,000

#VOOM 2016: Crowdfunder Pick of the Week
#VOOM 2016: Crowdfunder Pick of the Week