VOOM: How Approved Food reached for the stars in 2015

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We caught up with one of the VOOM winners from 2015, innovative foodie superstar, Dan Cluderay from Approved Foods. He tells us why you should be entering the “best opportunity you’ll have this year” and his top tips on gaining pledges and votes. 

Was it easy to enter the competition?

Filming our pitch only took 5 mins so yes! 

What are your top three tips on gaining votes to bump your great idea up the leader boards?

1) Put yourself out there. Talk to, and tell every supplier, customer and stranger about your pitch.
2) Don’t do it half hearted, take this opportunity seriously. The rewards are enormous but the chances of you flukeing it to the final are practically zero. It need determination.
3) Be different, stand out from the crowd and if need be do a stunt!

What was the single most important marketing tactic you used when you were taking part in VOOM?

Actually having a marketing plan just for VOOM. It became another KPI within the business. We had our marketing team focused on it.

What advice have you got for the VOOM’ers of 2016? 

This is possibly the greatest opportunity you will have this year. Enter it, and grab it with both hands.

What do you think about the opportunity to crowdfund alongside gaining votes for VOOM 2016?

I wish this was here last year! VOOM raises your profile and Crowdfunder allows you to take advantage of it!

What is the one thing you’d have done differently?

I would have taken a weeks holiday after the final! Seriously!!!

For 6 weeks we lived on the edge and every week stepped up a notch with excitement and tension. I’ve never run a marathon but I guess when you finish you both exhausted and exhilarated. VOOM is no different.

Now it’s YOUR time to follow in Dan’s footsteps. Join VOOM today to be in with the chance to win £1m alongside pitching to Sir Richard Branson himself and the potential of grabbing a £50k prize from Crowdfunder! Hurry – entries close on May 10).

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