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Blinkin Good

Blinkin Good - A Residential Mobile Application - Offering discount Products & Services from Local Retailers to Local Residents.

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Welcom to Blinkin Good A unique residential dicsount mobile application, which provides a monthly pay as you go, online community/residential target marketing platform, for all local business retail owners. i.e. your local coscutter, corner shop, butcher, nail bar, etc. 

Our Blinkin Good mobile application will be downloadable, and Android and iPhone compatable. It specifically has been designed, predominantly for local businesses to simultaneously promote their special offers, discount products and services, direct to all their local residents who live within their ward. 

One of our main objectives is to consistently make sure that local residents are fully aware of the daily, weekly and monthly fantastic offers, available to them, from local businesses who are right on their door step. And through our Blinkin Good mobile application, our mission will be to highlight awarness, and the importance of supporting your local highstreet/corner shops etc.

Through doing extensive market research within my own area, we have found that:

1) our Blinkin Good business model will improve community moral.

2) boost the local economy.

3) save local residents money.

4) save local retailers money, by allowing them to advertise their special offers on products and services, direct to their local residents.

5) save local retailers money - they advertise shop floor stock to local residents, which otherwise would have been thrown out.

6) to have a community hub, whereby local residents and local retailers are all under one roof, to serve one purpose - to support each other - This is the way forward for communities.

7) Retailers welcome & residents want to use it!

When fulfilling our market field research, we have understood the importance of, in some cases, our elderly and disabled users may not always be able to make regular trips down to their local shops. So in order for them not to miss out on any of their local Blinkin Good Deal purchases - in my area I have partnered with our local taxi firm, who have agreed for a chargable discounted fee to the recipient, will pick up and drop off, door to door shopping for our elderly and disabled users. This sevice has been most welcomed...

We currently have retailers who are ready to join, and local residents who are waiting for our service to go live...Also, we have an exceptional Social Media Marketing & Pr advertisment  campaign ready. Therfore our investment needs are for the following:

1) Mobile Application Full Development

2) Brand Marketing/Pr

3) Very small - no frills office 

4) Company working capital for one year

If you like the sound of our business model, and wish to invest, then please see the rewards which I have set in place - in return for your financial investment.

For any other additional information, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you kindly,


Blinkin Good