BLINK: A Blindfolded Sensory Dinner Experience

Exploring human connection and sensory awakening. Raising money for blind veterans and visually impaired children.

Project aim

Exploring human connection with an unforgettable journey of sensory awakening. Profits go to a local centre supporting Blind Veterans UK and Brighton & Hove Children and Young People's Trust - Sensory Needs Service. 

About the project

Imagine living in a world without judgements or prejudice based upon appearance and stereotypes.

Look no further...

Blink is a unique blindfolded experience that provides guests with a window into a world of profound human connection and an unforgettable journey into sensory awakening.

Guests will meet at a secret location before being led down the rabbit hole. Guides will navigate them throughout the experience, during which they will be served a four course meal at a well established Brighton restaurant, with strange and unfamiliar, to mouthwatering and exquisite tastes and textures.

Each guest will have unique and individual experiences throughout the event, stimulated through taste, touch, sound and smell; senses we often take for granted. At the end of the event, guests will be led into the final part of their journey where they will gather for their awakening.

The event is scheduled for Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th November 2015. Tickets will be available from Brighton Dome from October 2015.

Funds raised will go towards costs for venue hire, food, drinks, props, equipment etc. We aim to continue this project into the future and be an ongoing contribution to Blind Veterans UK and Brighton & Hove Children and Young People's Trust - Sensory Needs Service.