A social platform for connecting people, to explore and launch ideas. Share your mission, acquire talent, split the spoils. Free, forever.


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One of the greatest challenges in starting a business is not securing funding, or making a great logo and marketing campaign, but finding the extraordinary companions you need in order to discuss and develop your idea with.

Without pre-existing finances, or a business from which to launch it. New entrepreneurs find themselves going to social media, LinkedIn, CoFoundersLab, in their quest to find allys with whom to enter into business. The problem is, it's a hunt, in a crowd full of people with incompatible interests, or limited availability.

What if you didn't need to spend time trawling the internet for others like you?
Wouldn't it be nice if you could put out your mission objectives, any potential spoils for being involved, people could find you and apply to team up with you?
What if it could cost nothing to find folks, to engage in discussions with, and develop your ideas. Other platforms are a time drain, endless homefeeds, adverts, unlimited distraction. BitBrunch however is dedicated soley for working on meaningful projects, having meaninful relationships.

It needn't be for-profit either, assemble allies for any type of project, business, community, or maybe just to talk interests with.

Our mission is to help serve your needs, so you can focus in whole on your project; making best use of your time, focusing on what really matters.
Our objective is to streamline the process, from concept, to compadres, to creation.

  • Unlike other services such as CoFoundersLab,
    • we won't make you scout through a list of inactive members,
    • or pay a premium to get a functioning service.
  • We won't advertise to you, unless you request it, ever.
  • Your data is all yours, forever.
    • We will never (ever, ever) sell, share, or divulge any of your personal/project information with 3rd parties
      • unless with your express wish and consent, e.g., partnering with investors.
  • We want a community, we want the people to help shape the platform.
    • We promise to listen, make note, and implement changes that help improve the quality of our platform.
    • We promise to make a platform of which you can be proud.
    • We promise to make a space free of distractions.
    • We will never sell-on to anyone who does not share the entirety of our founding principles.

Our mission needs you.

Thank you,
Robert P. White.