Motorbike photographer without a bike. Please help me so I in return can carry on to help other charities and animals in need. Thank you.

  • Hello I am a biker....not a hardcore biker or anything like that but i take photographs of other bikers riding their bikes and in return they just give a little donation to the charity event we are all attending at the time. I often go pillion to get the moving shots but i akso like to get a video and more action shots of them arriving and seeing the looks on peoples faces when a group of happy friendly bikers turn up to support a worth while cause. I also do a lot with animals, photography, teaching others how to care for owls (certain times of the year i become an owl nanny, i get to look after owlets) horse's, cows, donkey's etc....i also volunteer a few times a year to assist with Disabled Riders on horse back. But sadly i am without a bike and unable to attend quite a few of these events so sadly a few of them have had to be postponed until they have more hands on deck. I also do a lot with owls, so if an owl is injured i can ride over (whether its wild or captive) and help in the best way that i can... I am truly working my hardest to save for a new bike but as we all, bills etc get in the way. But as i have no bike i am sadly unable to help keep raising money for such good causes. And donate my time to animals in need. I know its a long shot but i am £ 600 short of my target for my bike so i would be so extremely greatful to you if you could donate just £1 to help me get back on the road and to really raise some more funds for all of the different charities.  Thank you.