Better Asthma Care

Using technology to create a better and safer life for all who suffer with asthma, Its time to change the face of asthma

Breathe for Cameron is a registered charity, The charity was founded in 2015 after the co-founder's son Cameron sadly passed away at the age of 10 after suffering a huge asthma attack, Since then we have provided schools in Kingston upon Hull with emergency inhalers and quality advice to raise asthma to that of the same level's as anaphylaxis and diabetes. The video below is just a small look into the life of the most amazing little boy x

Our next approach is to make the inhalers for schools scheme a national project, however this still will not be enough to reduce the mortality rate in the UK, Sadly 3 people a day die in the UK because of an asthma attack 2 of these deaths are preventable with good asthma care and advice.

Our project:

To create a dynamic smart phone app that is asthma spacific, with built in recording and monitoring software, Advice on what to do if you're having an attack and mobile push reminders reminding people to take medications, make appointments etc, This device can then be used to keep track of triggers and monitor the daily effects asthma is having on the user. The app can be then used to GP's Asthma nurses to see an hourly log of how asthma is effecting the patient and make a tailored plan to suit.

The app will have 2 parts an adult asthma action plan and a child asthma action plan and will also be multi lingual enabling world wide application. The application will be free for all