Beans on toast

Beans on toast

I’m raising funds to help feed homeless people in the North East of England. I would like to provide them with more than just beans on toast

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I’m a local guy with a big idea.  Like a lot of us, I see many people every week who have found themselves for one reason or another homeless, hopeless, and hungry. Scratching a living out of cardboard boxes, newspapers and leftover food from bins in the street. Only last week I saw a man eating a loaf of bread that he’d managed to buy from begging for spare change that morning. Only a loaf of bread! Nothing else. Not even a tin of beans (which most students would class as their staple diet). 

I want to give them what they deserve. Hot meals daily and a place to sleep at night. The aim is to raise money to be able to achieve this. Starting small and blossoming into hopefully a fantastic project. 

Thank you