Beam awards

The BEAM Awards which is a groundbreaking new award ceremony. Celebrating bame equality.

Our latest initiative is The BEAM Awards which is a groundbreaking new award ceremony. Hosted by Sir Trevor MacDonald and Myleene Klass and confirmed to be broadcast on ITV 1 on a Friday night, the ceremony will showcase  the very best of BAME talent right across the country.

The BEAM Awards is on prime time and is very important when it comes to promoting BAME equality and highlighting that individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds contribute positively to the UK society. The award ceremony is nearly upon us, being held at The London Palladium on Wednesday 12th October, however without the support of organisations investing in BAME, the work that we are doing in this arena may not be possible.

Working continuously within the Diversity field, it is clear that there is a lack of high profile events dedicated to BAME Equality. There are many initiatives that companies invest in to cover other strands of diversity, all of which are doing amazing work, however it is evident that BAME does not have as much investment or exposure. We are imploring you to invest in The BEAM Awards to highlight equality to millions of viewers, across the UK and the world!