freedom for myself and my children

freedom for myself and my children

I came out of a 10 year relationship and he was the main bread winner it took me a while to get back on my feet ended up in debt


of £5,000 target




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After my ten year relationship came to an end I struggled to make ends meet I have two young children and I ran up a debt buying a new car and paying bills until I found my feet. However money is very tight and I'm struggling to pay off my debts. By the time I've payed the minimum payment interest has been added and I'm not making a dent in it. I would love to be debt free as I worry about it so much. I want to be able to treat my children and not to be stressed all the time. It would mean the world and beyond. It's always hard asking for help and this is my last resort. Hopefully the kindness of strangers could change my life.