Bark and Brew

Raising money to aid a start up business.

In the summer of 2014 I moved to London with all of my savings to start my masters degree in Photography at a prestigious insitute. In order to pay the fees of £25,000 I applied for all funding that I could. I ended up recieving grants from the university as well as a small loan to pay after graduating in order to be able to cut the fees. I also recieved some amazing help from family members.  During this my savings soon ran out after living and travel expenses and upon finishing I was well into my overdraft. I became ill during my time in London and after MRI scans, numerous blood tests and doctors appointments I was exhausted and in pain.  I developed anxiety order which also resurfaced my depression which I had been dealing with since 2008.  I moved back home from London to finish my dissertation. The following February I was on anti-depressants and recieving councilling from Mind. It was during this that I made a major break through. I decided that I wanted to go the direction that I wanted to, not influenced by any other outside factors. The one thing that I have always loved is spending time with animals, and my own dog supported me with anxiety relief.  This was a major thing for me to accept as I was riddled with guilt from the cost of university and the warped idea I had that I was letting people down. My life has improved dramatically since this break through, I went back to college to do Dog Grooming and I began to volunteer at a kennels for strays. I have also been working freelance as a petsitter and walker.  In a way I feel that dogs changed my life and probably saved it. This is why I have chosen to pursue my dream of opening a pet friendly cafe.  Of course after so many expenses I now have no savings left in order to provide a foundation for this. I am on a youth employment inititive which would lead to receiving a very small grant to help towards costs, and am applying for grants and will also have to apply for loans too.  I am usually on the other side of this, donating to charities and causes. However, in an attempt to help towards costs for my project I have decided to create this crowd funder.  To further understand the effect spending time with your pet please watch Hearts Aligned,

I am hoping to raise money which will help towards securing a deposit, equipment and brand costs for my project. 

Executive Summary

Bark and Brew is a full-service café located in the north east. The cafe features a small, selective menu of light bites, baked goods, snacks and drinks for both human and canine customers. The moderately priced menu will include healthy options such as organic/gluten free/vegan produce, but not exclusively. The café is dog friendly and a canine theme will run throughout. In addition to the service of food and drinks, events will also take place such as nutrition talks. The café will offer a carefully hand-picked variety of products available for purchase for example, specialty dog treats and various products from small businesses.

Ideally the space would also have room for expansion to include a grooming area separated from the dining experience. Bark and Brew will be owned, operated and managed by Georgia Amy Donkin as a sole trader.

This business plan offers financial institutions an opportunity to review the vision and strategic focus. It also provides a step-by-step plan for the business start-up. This plan includes chapters on the company, service, products, market focus, action plans and forecasts, and financial plan.


  • Create a strong business identity, online presence and client base, establish a recognizable and respected brand
  • Achieve profit after month six
  • Expand the business into grooming


 The Bark and Brew concept is built upon the popularity of dogs as pets alongside that of cafes, the recent movement into health conscious diets and lifestyle and the success of the already established dog friendly venues.  Located in one of the most improved and popularized areas in Hartlepool, Bark and Brew will provide an accessible, affordable, quality experience with an upmarket tone.  It will attract customers from all parts of town and as it is established, visitors from further afield. Not only is the café accessible to dogs but it will offer food and drinks for both owner and pet. The café will provide a welcoming environment rain or shine for customers to enjoy time with their beloved pet(s) which is often restricted to be done outside which is not always practical or enjoyable. This concept also always for dogs to socialize with each other within a controlled space, as well as likeminded people to meet with one another.

The mission is to provide quality services at the highest standard while ensuring the animal’s welfare needs are met in a safe and suitable environment. To provide a stress-free, enjoyable environment for the animals, and an efficient, professional experience for the owners. To connect a community of dog lovers, going beyond their expectations. Bark and Brew aims to be the resolution of the current problem that limited places, specifically cafes are dog friendly. It will provide a much needed, on trend and relatively unique place which will fit in seamlessly with the ongoing regeneration of the town. The business will provide additional commercial activity in the area which still struggles with the existence of empty (often run down) spaces therefore contributing to improvement in desirability.