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Welcome to Ball-Launcher, our amazing, low-cost ball delivery machine that helps coaches and managers develop player skills in record time.


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At Ball Launcher, we are a team of skilled entrepreneurs and innovators with over 30 years of collective commercial, management and manufacturing experience. We have our our own factory facility and are raring to start production. 

Our Ball-Launcher 'Club Trainer' is the most versatile, lightweight and powerful machine in the world for its price:

  • Provides any ball delivery from grass roots to professional level
  • Suitable for all ages and abilities and is ideal for both outfield players and goalkeepers alike
  • Allows Coaches to concentrate on coaching rather than kicking and helps against RSI
  • Delivers balls from 5 MPH to over 65 MPH
  • Accepts sizes 3, 4 and 5 balls for training U9s to 1st Team
  • Lightweight, easily transported in the boot of a small family hatchback and assembled in less than a minute
  • Highly Affordable and designed by us to be available to all levels of the game 
  • It's fun and creates absolute excitement with the squad whilst attracting players and sponsors to your club
  • Made of the lightest highest quality components available and built to last
  • You can easily place your sponsors logos on the machine

This campaign is offering you the opportunity to reserve your machine for just £49, this acts as a deposit towards a final cost of £699+VAT* which will be collected when your machine is delivered from January 2017. Quite simply, Ball-Launcher will never be cheaper! 


* We also sell batteries that can be added at delivery time if required. 

In normal Grassroots and Non League training sessions only 1 in 10 balls arrive where they should. This leads to a huge amount of wasted training time for players and coaches.

With 200 perfectly placed deliveries every hour, Ball-Launcher condenses 4 hours worth of training into just 1 hour! Every ball served is quite simply a 'Good Ball'.  Read on, there's lots more info for you.....

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 The Ball-Launcher ‘Club Trainer’ machine can perform all types of ball delivery found from grassroots up to professional level. 

Want 30  inswinging crosses to practice a set defensive drill in less than 10 minutes? No problem.

Need your players to practice shooting with low balls at 50+mph? Be our guest.

The options are endless! 


Ball-Launcher will provide solutions to the everyday challenges any coach finds in training.

Just imagine the benefits!

Poor first touch and ball control

Through consistent and repeated ball delivery, your squad can benefit from the opportunity to learn essential core skills or hone existing ones. Ball Launcher can make a bad first touch or a weaker foot a memory of the past!

Low density of training / Not enough time for meaningful practice

Ball Launcher can provide over 200 good balls in a single one hour training session. This  condenses four hours worth of “normal” training into just one hour. Just imagine the competitive edge your players can get on other teams!

Lack of awareness, organisation and communication at set pieces

Routinely hone to perfection your team’s defensive and attacking ability in set piece scenerios. Players never need be out of place again when it comes to matchday!

Poor finishing in front of goal

Whip balls into the box in rapid succession to ensure that match winning shots or saves are guaranteed! 

Poor crossing confidence and handling / weaker sides of goalkeepers

Make your goalkeepers the finished article in all areas and build success from the back by providing the training tool for keepers to receive over 200 balls an hour, for as many hours as you want! Ask yourself, is that possible now?

Lack of composure and technique with headers and volleys

Ball Launcher provides consistency of delivery for assured player confidence and to help eliminate that match day panic when it comes to making vital headers or match winning volleys.

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 What is a Reward? Crowdfunding enables you to buy new innovative products at a discounted price on future RRP. You can reserve your machine with a deposit of just £49. This offering is known as a Reward. 

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Benefits to Coaching

Entire coaching sessions can be built around ‘Club Trainer’ allowing coaches to immediately validate the ability of players without having to make any allowances whatsoever for ‘bad balls’. 

Repetition and self-confidence are the keys to improving any athlete’s performance. A good overhead kick for example can turn a draw into a winning game, but how many players have the rare skill or confidence to practice that technique? ‘Club Trainer’ makes it easy to build skills and players’ confidence because when a player knows where the ball will land they can hone their techniques to perfection in readiness for matchday.

‘Club Trainer’ has the capacity to deliver 200 balls in one hour, making every training session 100% efficient.

The machine does the hard work for coaches so they can concentrate on improving skills and team strategies. With consistent ball delivery guaranteed, coaches are free to get the very best out of their squads.

Suitable For All

Versatility was an important factor in the design process of the ‘Club Trainer’. Because we know that coaches are sometimes called upon to teach at different levels of ability, it can deliver ball sizes 3, 4 and 5 at multiple speed variations.

Whether used to provide keeper training for U10s, hone first touch skills for 1st Team players or even validate a counter-attack strategy for an entire team, ‘Club Trainer’ can easily flex to the training needs of each and every training session. 

Boys, girls, men and women can all benefit from ‘Club Trainer’ to provide common ball deliveries found from grassroots up to professional level.



The immense benefits a ball-launching machine can bring to any squad are obvious, but until now these types of machines have been entirely unaffordable for most clubs.

In developing ‘Club Trainer’ we prioritised affordability in the design process above all else, but without sacrificing quality of materials. The result is a machine that compares directly to those used at International level, and even betters them in many respects. By striving to make our machine affordable for almost every club in the UK we hope to increase the fundamental quality of coaching from Grassroots up to Pro clubs. Future stars come from today’s kids…

Our goal was to build a machine that was not only performant, robust and reliable, but one that could also be easily acquired through contributions from just one or two regular sponsors by placing a logo on the machine. For the price of a games console and a handful of games, affordability has been achieved with ‘Club Trainer’. Imagine the value to your squad!

Easy To Transport

Through direct experience we are acutely aware of the issues that many coaches suffer in getting to and from training venues with all the required equipment. Once bibs, balls, cones and kits are included alongside the odd ‘waif and stray’ who missed the bus, space is often at a premium. 

Our compact and lightweight ‘Club Trainer’ is less than 80cm long and 50cm wide and can fit comfortably into the boot of a small family car. It can be broken down into four separate parts if needed for ease of transportation. 

A ‘plug and play’ machine, it takes less than 1 minute to remove from a vehicle, construct it if separated into parts, plug in and deliver a ball. In terms of practicality, what more could a coach ‘on the go’ ask for?

We have worked very hard with many prototypes and thousands of balls in testing to bring you the final product that you have told us you want. We are a professional company and pride ourselves on your success.

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 Technical Specifications

Ball Launcher ‘Club Trainer’ has the technical features to enhance your football training in a multitude of ways, all culminating in training output never seen before.

Who is the Ball Launcher ‘Club Trainer’ model for?

Put simply, coaches and players at football clubs, academies and sport associations.

 Versatility was at the heart of our design process. During testing, coaches regularly relayed to us the importance of having a machine that could cater for all ages ranging from 5 up to adults and that could benefit all abilities and positions on the pitch. With the ability to deliver size 3 balls at just 5 mph up to size 5 balls at over 65 mph that challange was not only met but largely exceeded.

The Ball-Launcher 'Club Trainer' is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Its robust and all weather aluminium and plastic materials ensure it is protected against the worst that British weather can throw at it. Its soft treaded pneumatic tyres ensure that it will not damage the most delicate of 3G or grass pitches.

What does the future hold for the Ball-Launcher eco system?

There are numerous innovative add-ons that will become available for the ‘Club Trainer’ in 2017. These include remote control, a multiple ball feeder system, video capture of training moves for coaches to analyse and speed gates that automatically trigger ball release. Ball-Launcher is a system that will grow with you! 

A Little Bit About Us

We have recently been awarded status as one of the top 50 innovative companies in Essex. 

 Our Managing Director, Daniel Judge, has over 13 years of experience in project management and has delivered projects with budgets over £3 million whilst supported by over 400 people. Daniel can vouch a lifelong passion for football and is both a player and a fan of the ‘beautiful game’.

Our highly skilled team has many long years of commercial, management and manufacturing experience coupled with an unparalleled desire to succeed. Team is everything to us!

 We have bought numerous successful individuals into the company who provide expertise in a range of disciplines. Alongside counting a respected scout from a Premier League club in our ranks, this includes expertise in finance, product sourcing, operations, product design, manufacturing and safety and compliance.

We have a  dedicated factory in Essex capable of producing up to 150 machines a week.

Timeline of launch


What will you get if you order a Ball-Launcher 'Club Trainer' machine?

A fully tested, quality assured and safety certified Ball-Launcher 'Club Trainer' football machine packaged as you would expect from the best of retail outlets.

It will contain an instructional manual including how to use, get the best out of and look after your machine.

We’ve tested our prototypes with thousands of  balls without fail, but our commitment to you is to provide a 12-month warranty for replacement of any faulty parts.

A size 5 plastic insert ball feed will come as standard with your machine. 

You will have the option to include a battery and charger pack with your machine upon final payment and delivery. 

 Note to pledgers:

HMRC have informed us that VAT must be added and invoiced to pledgers prior to machines being delivered.  Our team will contact you prior to shipment to provide the necessary paperwork for you or your club to reclaim the VAT if applicable.  

A delivery charge of less than £25 per machine to all "normal" UK postcodes will be invoiced prior to shipment. If you require a machine shipped outside of "normal" postcodes please contact us for a quotation. We will only charge delivery to you at cost price to us.

If you are based outside of the UK and wish to obtain a 'Club Trainer'  please contact us directly on