Back to life - story almost impossible.

We rising money for our dad, grandad, husband. He needs to get out form home. He wants FIGHT for better days! All coins count.

Welcome Everyone.
Last year, my dad wanted to show his grandson how to properly perform pull ups.
Unfortunately, mounted in the door frame pull up bar collapse. Dad hit back of the head with a wooden stool.

It is a collection of funds of persons of good will. The rising money for my dad who had a tragic accident as a result of which he had several strokes in the brain tissue.
He had come a long way, being in a coma for three months. Almos Half of his skull was removed during a tracheostomy operation.

After a year of hard work we manage to get to the stage where Dad eats meals with the lower jaw and not by the tube. At meal time, he has the strength to remain seated. The biggest problem is his sight. Because it lacks the right side of the skull Dad turns to the left side which offends the neural connections of his sight.

Muscle atrophy is not a problem for him. He wants to fight.
Unfortunately, it is attached to the house.
For half a year we have a problem with getting appointments with doctors because of the slowness of officials responsible for medical transport. Subsequent visits to doctors can not take place because then transport is late or non-existent within the required date / time. This is the third attempt to do research before reconstruction of the skull.
Unfortunately, this time we were too late too. The doctor finished his work, or had other activities

We rising money for modified disabled car. A car is necessary in order to eliminate the problems described by us above. In return we offer advertising space on the car that will move through the streets of the City of Lublin.
Local is West Midlands Airports transport or pick up. Help in the garden. Or just honest hand shake. We can`t not offer much as we are tide up to our day to day duties. Hopefully, some of rewards may suit to you :) Thanks for your time you spend reading my page. have a nice day