Ayrshire White Poppy Appeal 2016

Help fund our alternative white poppy appeal in Kilmarnock, we rely only on support from volunteers to make the poppies. Thank you

Dear supporters

As you know we have ran a White Poppy Appeal in Kilmarnock from 2013 with our first peace ceremony in 2014 and it has now become a annual event. We are now asking our supporters to donate money so we can make white poppies once again and provide a much needed alternative to the war driven, big business royal british legion. 

As you know our work also seeks to educate and remind people about people who opposed the war and stood against the status quo. 

We totally rely on our supporters to fund our camapign unlike the RBL.

Always in Peace

Jay Sutherland, Jane Elizabeth Thomas, Gordon Walker and Olie Martin - Anti War Ayrshire