Ava-mai's Angels

Ava-mai's Angels

Raising money for a cool cot to help families through stillborn and infant death.

They did it!

On 23rd Dec 2015 we successfully raised



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We are fundraising to raise money to purchase a 'coolcot' for use at the Royal Oldham Hospital


These cots help loved ones who have lost  a baby spend that quality time that some people need with their precious baby.


We used 1 of these cots following the stillbirth of our daughter Ava-Mai and both us as parents and our families cherished every second we spent with her and drew great comfort from it. We spent a night with her that we wouldn't have been able to do without the use of a Cool Cot and due to a shortage of these, had there been someone else go in at the same time as us in the same situation, 1 of us wouldn't have been able to have that time with our baby.