Autistic Enterprise

A Social Enterprise project Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Autistic Enterprise

I'm diagnosed on the autistic spectrum and am a successful inventor. I'd like to start a business support organization for autistic people.

I feel so lucky - an idea that started in my head is now a finished, patented product. We've won awards and already had retailers pay upfront for orders! I am diagnosed as autistic and it hasn't been easy. Now I'd like to help all those amazing, talented people on the autistic spectrum to get their own ideas underway / businesses started.  There are many autistic people who use their unique way of thinking creatively but find it difficult to put them into practice.

The plan is that we have staff (on the autistic spectrum) available to give advice and support to those on the spectrum. There are already great business support organizations out there but no one to take account of difficulties we may face, for example, overwhelming noise, bright lights, difficulty in finding our way, trying to decode what people are saying to what they really mean, being asked "Have you got someone to work with you?"! 

Really it would just be helpful to have someone to communicate with who understands.  If we get this funding, we'll get our market research underway to find out all about ways to provide this support, then set up our base, promote ourselves and get underway!