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Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) and the Bournemouth Film School (BFS) are working jointly with Crowdfunder to help graduate film and documentary makers crowdfund additional money to add on top of the £1,200 grants they already receive.

To up the stakes, Crowdfunder will pledge £500 on one project, selected by an expert panel of judges, that raises the bar with their crowdfunding campaign.


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Crimson image

Crimson Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Our aim is to bring our ambitious pirate film to life. Crimson is a unique film set in 18th century China, about female pirates.

Successfully overfunded

  • 222 supporters
  • £6.3k raised
  • 28 days
Jimmy image

Jimmy Dorset

A short film telling the true story of a Jamaican soldier in the British army, set against the backdrop of the Troubles.

Successfully funded

  • 79 supporters
  • £5.2k raised
  • 28 days
Short film 'traces' by diogo lopes image

Short Film 'Traces' by Diogo Lopes Dorset

A Romantic Detective Drama. A failed private detective, helps an abandoned teenager find her missing mother, while dreading their separation

Successfully overfunded

  • 115 supporters
  • £4.6k raised
  • 28 days
Missed conceptions image

Missed Conceptions Dorset

Inspired by a true story. A lesbian couple in 1990's London get creative trying to conceive a child of their own.

Successfully overfunded

  • 86 supporters
  • £4.2k raised
  • 28 days
Khrustalev image

Khrustalev Dorset

A fictional short film about a soviet spy who is coerced into assassinating Joseph Stalin

  • 60 supporters
  • £4.1k raised
  • 28 days
Hookworm image

Hookworm Dorset

In the early hours Miri is woken up by Tamara with a single question; "Why can’t you touch me?" A psychological drama laced with body horror

Successfully overfunded

  • 49 supporters
  • £3.4k raised
  • 28 days
Mahogany image

Mahogany Dorset

A short haunting thriller following the murderous stalking of a vulnerable mother and son.

Successfully overfunded

  • 47 supporters
  • £3.3k raised
  • 28 days
Genus image

Genus Dorset

The journey of a young girl as she comes to terms with her unique conception. A story which questions the true definition of family.

Successfully overfunded

  • 49 supporters
  • £2.6k raised
  • 28 days
Circus on moon street image

Circus on Moon Street Dorset

A visually exciting and entertaining story about a young girl running away to the magical world of a Circus.

  • 53 supporters
  • £2.5k raised
  • 28 days
I think i know you image

I Think I Know You Dorset

When a football commentator acquires face blindness following a car crash it's more than just his job he must fight to hold on to.

  • 36 supporters
  • £2.2k raised
  • 28 days
Care free image

Care Free Dorset

Care Free is a graduation film from the Arts University Bournemouth, a dark comedy about a elderly care agency and its suspicious clients.

  • 16 supporters
  • £2k raised
  • 28 days
Fall on my feet image

Fall On My Feet Greater London

We want to make a short documentary film about a young girl who finds stregth and confidence through her passion for music whilst she...

Successfully funded

  • 19 supporters
  • £1.5k raised
  • 28 days
Not for girls image

Not For Girls Dorset

Not For Girls; A documentary exploring what it takes to be a female skater!

  • 10 supporters
  • £1.1k raised
  • 28 days
Roots image

Roots Greater London

Roots is a short documentary embracing and celebrating natural hair .

  • 11 supporters
  • £1.1k raised
  • 28 days


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