Student Project- Animal Assisted Therapy Doc

Hello, I am hoping to raise money to cover expenses such as travel and crew to create a short doc for uni about Animal Assisted Therapy.

New stretch target

Any extra money raised will be donated to Mental Health Charities

My name is Ashleigh Cross, and I am a final year TV student at The University of Salford. For my final project, I am producing a short documentary about Animal Assisted Therapy. This documentary will go live on Youtube during Mental Health Awareness Week (16th-22 May 2016).

The documentary focuses on the organisation Noah's A.R.T, based in Manchester and how their services of AAT help people in need. Experts on AAT will also take part, explaining the scientific side of why this technique is beneficial to patients.

The amount shown would be used to cover travel costs to and from Burnage Community Healthcare Centre, where Noah's A.R.T 'Pet Power' workshops are based, as well as travelling from MediaCityUK with equipment. Other costs include crew, refreshments and any props that are desired. All donations are welcome, big or small, I am so grateful to anyone who does donate, as it'll ensure that I am able to drive this project to completion.

All donators will be listed in the credits of the documentary under 'A Special Thank You'.

I am hoping that my desired amount will be raised by Thursday 10th March.

Any left over funds shall be donated to Mental Health Charities.

Thank You,

Ashleigh :)

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