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African Social Enterprise Fund

The ASEF is a collaborative programme that aims to support a new generation of African emerging leaders and social entrepreneurs.


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Prospero World (UK registered charity 1163952) is proud to launch the African Social Enterprise Fund (ASEF) in partnership with the African Fashion Fund (AFF), Roger Hammond Memorial Trust Fund (RHMTF) and Arts Global. 

The ASEF is a collaborative programme that aims to empower and enable African entrepreneurs to build businesses that have positive social and environmental impact. The tailor-made social impact programme will provide comprehensive support including leadership training, mentoring and guidance. Future categories will be launched in 2017 in order to foster long-term opportunity and philanthropy in Africa.

Arts Global, alongside mentoring emerging young musicians of exceptional talent, supports sustainable and collaborative philanthropy and is currently involved in projects that represent triple bottom line investment strategy in Africa.

The ASEF will be lanched at the event hosted by Arts Global at Sotheby's, London. 

Two awards will be presented on December 3rd at Sotheby's in the elds of Music and Fashion.

Music: an award made to an outstanding African musician, in partnership with Arts Global and the Roger Hammond Memorial Fund. Roger Hammond is remembered for his Living Earth Foundation, which amongst other initiatives brought pressure on the private sector to act on its professed environmental and social principles for the general good rather than for PR impact.

Fashion: an award made in collaboration with the Africa Fashion Fund, a non-pro t organization registered in Ghana, that empowers fashion designers from Africa and its diaspora to succeed in the fashion industry and market.


Fashion, Textile and Manufacturing Award

The textile, design and manufacturing business is the second largest non-oil based industry in Nigeria. It has an enormous potential for growth and is expected to thrive in Africa in the coming decade. The fashion industry is directly related to the Textile and Manufacturing industry, which creates opportunity for Africa to have a larger presence as a global contributor to the fashion industry.

 Supporting and training African designers to build sustainable, socially and environmentally – minded business models will enable them to display their resources and talents, to attract more business and to increase the continent’s economy, which is crucial for its prosperity.

 Prospero World will work in partnership with the African Fashion Fund (AFF), a not-for-profit organisation that supports and develops emerging African fashion designers. AFF aims to further African fashion designers’ success in the global fashion industry and luxury market by providing capacity building through internship placements, assistance with sales and distribution, and networking opportunities. This enables designers to increase their skills and knowledge. Prospero World will fortify AFF’s existing programme by providing a tailor-made social impact programme that will include leadership training, sustainable fashion courses and internships with industry leaders in the UK and Italy.

 By equipping designers with the skills needed to create a sustainable, socially and environmentally-minded business, the programme aims to create long-term employment opportunities, especially amongst Nigeria’s growing number of unemployed youth.

 Join us in supporting the future African 'Zara' or 'Stella McCartney' to thrive, inspire and create jobs in a sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible manner. 



Music Award


The ASEF Music Award is an annual prize that will provide a musician, or group of musicians, to strengthen their talent and to create musical compositions that promote social and environmental responsibility in West Africa. The aim of the award is to empower and enable musicians to develop their artistic abilities, and to make their work socially and environmentally relevant. The winner(s) will be provided with training, mentoring and performance exposure. The award seeks to recognise musicians from a range of categories and genres, including soloists and ensembles as well as traditional, classical and contemporary musicians.


Award nomination will be invited by the Roger Hammond Memorial Trust, from their large network of Advisors and supporters. The winner will be decided by the Board of Trustees.


Each year, the award scheme will be launched in a new country. If there is sufficient interest from local sponsors in countries in which the award has been previously given, the scheme may continue beyond one year.


This years winner is IDYL, (real name Diongoli Daniel), from Bayelsa State, Nigeria. He released his highly acclaimed debut single “Turn Me On” in May 2015. Since then, he has released a number of original tracks, which have demonstrated his artistic versatility as has moved from traditional instrumentals to smooth Afropop. He has consistently impressed audiences with his wide vocal range. 


The ASEF Launch Event


The ASEF will be launched at an Award Ceremony hosted at Sotheby’s in London in December 2016. A selection of High Net Worth Individuals and prominent leaders in their fields will come together to celebrate their interest in and love of Africa. Guests will be treated to a celebration of African creativity. Highlights will include a special fashion show and live musical performances.

Become a patron:

As a Patron you will be personally contributing towards a celebration of existing African creativity: music, art, fashion and design, as well as supporting the future of the African economic growth through collaborative social impact training, business development, leadership training and the recognition and support of outstanding entrepreneurs, who will take on the challenges and opportunities of the next generation.

The Patrons will be acknowledged in the programme and introduced to the distinguished guests at the event. Entertainment package includes four VIP passes to the event.


Other Rewards:


  • Union Flag Beaded Dog collar by Simba Jones: beautiful, beaded, leather dog collars. Handmade on the Swahili Coast. Be prepared for lots of admiring glances from other dog owners because these collars are gorgeous! Different sizes available.Please note: delivery of this reward is not available between 10th of December and 5th of January.
  • Beaded Belt by Simba Jones: Handmade on the Swahili Coast, beaded, leather belts with brass buckles. The belts look so good with jeans - kind of polo/safari/Gaucho look. They're cool with jodphurs too. Three sizes for ladies and gents, and the small size would be good for children.Please note: delivery of this reward is not available between 10th of December and 5th of January.
  • Blue Tassle Drop Earrings by Velvet & Rose: Handmade pieces are made for a woman who wants to stand out and is not afraid to make a very bold statement.117373-f3b70d4359bb53a528bd5177000964c1.
  • Black Tassle Drop Earrings by Velvet & Rose as seen on the pictures.117373-9ea441c372dd0ecdef5c1ebdf40a15b8.
  • Fashion Africa coffee table book by Jacqueline Shaw: Fashion Africa is a visual overview of contemporary African fashion compiled with an ethical perspective. This guide is the first of its kind to bring together designers, design companies, ethical manufacturers and more, that are linked through a connection and commitment to Africa. 

  • Women's Pyjama Sets: Designed with the belief that loungewear ought to be as wearable as daywear. Made from super soft organic cotton / silk blend - limited edition, handprinted & machine washable. By Tales of Thread.

  • Private Dance lesson: learn a Latin or Ballroom dance with a professional teacher from Dance and the City.

Please note: booking is valid for January and February only.

  • Cornucopia Giving Circle Salon Invitation: Inspired by 18th Century Literary salons, Prospero World’s carefully curated events are hosted in exceptional settings across London, turning private homes, galleries and work places into theatres of conversation and exchange.

Please note: the invitation is valid for February and March only.

About Prospero World: 

Prospero World is a UK registered charity committed to promoting positive social change through community-based activity and public education. We conduct in-depth research to identify outstanding charitable projects for support.

We aim to provide a bespoke philanthropic advisory service to individuals, companies and foundations, who need guidance with their giving. We also support our NGO partners with advice, networking and consultancy.

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Our mission is to convene thought leaders, social innovators and philanthropists, to inspire debate and identify and leverage funding for tangible solutions to poverty and inequality.

Thank you from all of us at Prospero World!