Artist Management Agency

Artist Management Agency

I am trying to get my artist management agency started by January 2017 to go side by side with my Trance record label.


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I am trying to get my artist management agency started by January 2017 to go side by side with my Trance record label that I started up two and a half years ago.  I have worked in the building trade since leaving school but was always heavily influenced by Music & Football. My football career ended after rupturing my anterior cruciate ligament and it left me with my music. I have produced music in my spare time solo and as part of groups for the best part of 10 x years and with success (being charted)... 5 x years. In 2011 I was asked to run a label I was releasing on through Krafted Music Group, called EJ Eternal Records covering all EDM. But with limited resources and limited information being given to me from the top, I grew frustrated at not being able to give the artists i'd spotted and existing what they wanted to know....i.e: royalties, sales figures, promo feedback etc... So in the end I handed my notice with him as we never once as a label sent any royalty reports, sales figures. I never received a penny from them in 3 years. So I took my artists, provided contracts and went through a long process of setting my own label up 'Practikal Recordings'. In the 2 and a half years we have been active, the last year has been the most influencial and has benefitted from a few Top 100 Charted releases, a play on the worlds biggest online radio show ASOT (owned and presented by Armin van Buuren), and we have been featured 5 x times now on (including 2 x currently), and featured in the worlds biggest dance music magazine 'Mixmag'. So the next sttep of my venture is to start the artist management agency to represent my artists, taking them to the next level and allowing me to work at it full at 33 I am starting to suffer badly with arthritis in my wrists and knees which causes me grief everyday in my daily work. This is my way out. I have already contracted my artists for representation from January I will try to run it in my spare time if unable to obtain funding. I have funded everything from startup to insurances and releases, marketing and advertising.  I am getting ridiculously busy now, especially with 2 x jobs (which I need at the minute to fund my label), a family and i'm football manager of a local kids football team. So the opportunity to be funded and set up myself in my studio everyday is perfect. I have worked hard for 17 x years and have never been much better off as children take a lot of your time and money. But I have the contacts, artists, drive and self commitment to make this work. Please help me raise the funding I need and the artists need to progress to the next level. Thank you.