Arman's Carpentry & Joinery... a taste of Persia

Hi, my name is Thea, welcome to Arman's Carpentry & Joinery Project - I am delighted you are here. I'm going to tell you my Persian story...

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Arman's Carpentry & Joinery - Preserving the Iranian Wood Work Culture


Hello, my name is Thea and welcome to Arman's Carpentry & Joinery campaign - I am delighted you are here. I am going to tell you my story and invite you to become part of this campaign. Please watch the video above.


Thanks for watching it. So, just to clarify;


What do I want you to do?

I want you to get involved with my campaign and help me raise £1000 towards expanding the family business to preserve the Iranian society and Iranian wood work culture.


What makes Arman's Carpentry & Joinery unique?

The carpentry and joinery services are delivered by a talented and experienced team, offering affordable architecture, carpentry, joinery, and shopfitting all-in-one... and natural wood grain textured designs by the wood burner himself, Arman.


Our Story

This is a business I am entirely passionate about and its potential amazes me, and I hope you will experience that too. Arman's Carpentry & Joinery want to achieve bringing the Persian/Iranian culture designs to light within the Western culture community by publicizing the business' work of art through fire burning and preserving its cultural identity.


The business' goal is to fascinate a vaster community and make it easier for potential clients to transform their idea into reality with the reduced hassle from our very own IRANIAN team.



The wood before it is burnt


After a "secret formula" is applied

(the wood has not yet gone through the wood burning process)


Arman's wood burning + one of the many "secret formulas"

(not the finished product)


The team hard at work, doing what they do best...

The business is based in London, with a team of 4 experienced carpenters. However, the skills that team members obtained stemmed from the knowledge and expertise of Arman...


Let's back up a bit & go back to the beginning of Arman's wood burning story...

As seen above, in the 12th century wood burning was very popular. So, wood burning and art have been a great influence in Arman's life as he has grown fond of paying exceptional attention to detail when beautifying and glossing the woods.


The story all began in Iran, Rasht...

Arman had a friend called Reza when he was 23 years old who used to do wood burning in his basement. Arman overlooked all the wood work he did and assisted him. At this point, Arman thought to himself "I can do a much better job than him" and decided to improve his friend's concept. A year onwards, Arman decided to start doing wood work by himself in his garage. He bought tools and made picture frames to sell and slowly but surely progressed into carpentry and joinery. Arman created a workshop that began with 2 students which increased to 10. However, due to economic causes, Arman moved to London to create a new team and to build his existing knowledge.


The woods used are softwoods and hardwoods, such as pine and oak. Arman is the only person in the UK to have this unique talent and the expertise to burn the pinewood and give its special finishing touches in order to allow its natural appearance to be enhanced.


Before - Day 1


After 1 Week


After 4 Weeks


Thea Kaviani - Cofounder: Currently an Undergraduate at the University of Westminster studying Business Management with Entrepreneurship. With a passion in startups and new ventures. I have taken my deep interest in entrepreneurialism and focused it towards my family business. Fluent in English and Iranian with good listening skills and the ability to articulate the views of others.


Christine Butenuth (First Steps Ltd) - Mentor: A trained geologist, business mentor, and a certified career and digital coach. Specialises in drawing on all these strands when supporting those wishing to use their knowledge and experience to set up their own business, especially when prioritising the steps required along the path to success. Proven ability to develop and implement effective and measurable strategies, drive growth, build brand awareness and acquire customers.


So, that is my story to this point in time. I want to invite YOU to be part of the next chapter. 


So, let's get down to the nitty gritty and get you signed up on this exciting journey to Arman's dream. 

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