Apex Bin Vent - we're looking for investors in our unique, simple and low cost solution to a global problem of smelly wheelie bins!

After many years of supporting local Wheelie Bin Cleaning companies, it became apparent that smelly wheelie bins are a national (global) issue...

Whilst there is little that can be done about dirty, smelly waste, wheelie bins typically hold their smells and attract flies because they are not vented, and the hot air and odours are not allowed to escape!

The advice given on to keep flies and bugs out of your bin is to ensure it remains closed, which, although helps keep bugs out does make the problem of a smelly bin that much worse (then attracting more bugs)!

We put our heads together and tried to come up with a simple, effective solution that would firstly allow the bin to breath (letting hot air and odours to escape) whilst ensuring the bin was protected from unwanted bugs and also water resistant! Additionally, a solution that would also help tackle unavoidable smells as well as help reduce further odours!

As such, we would like to present the 'Apex Bin Vent'...

The Apex Vent is designed to allow the bin to breath, whilst preventing bugs and water to enter the bin - Our video shows how hot air and odours escape the bin, using smoke as a visual aid...

The main chamber is designed to allow maximum air flow whilst its perforated base prevents bugs from entering the bin! The top vents are offset to ensure excessive rain water does not flow into the bin, and its lower chamber houses a bespoke air freshener to help tackle those stubborn smells!

It's simple design allows home users to retro fit the product, or manufacturers to install in mass - after installation, the air freshener is easily replaced (the two core parts simply unscrew and screw up by hand).

With almost every household in Britain having 2 or 3 wheelie bins, the potential UK market is huge - with the global market being enormous (for those of you pledging £500, you'll receive a 1% stake in our venture)!

We have currently completed all testing phases using prototypes, with patent applications in process and the finalised product ready to go into production... We are looking for the final funds to produce the moulding equipment and the 1st batch of saleable items!