Anima Mundi Project

To cover costs of hiring guides and tribal permits during first ever foot crossing of Papua New Guinea - part of our Anima Mundi Project.

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Did you know that there is only a handful of places left on our planet which remained relatively unchanged throughout millennia? Are you aware that each year the Earth is losing dozens of wonderful species, unique tribes and thousands square miles of natural habitat? Anima Mundi* is a very daring photo-travel project that aims to reach those special places. Over the 18-months we will travel around the world, undertaking numerous expeditions to the wildest and most remote corners of the globe. It is our mission, to show all of you, the incredible biodiversity of our planet.

Project Anima Mundi takes place on five continents. It starts in Africa followed by Australia and Oceania, Asia, North America and South America. In each of the places we visit our focus will be on photographing wildlife, flora, nature and people. We want to admire and explore. To see, to smell, and to touch. At last, quoting Thoreau, we will live deliberately, facing only essential facts of life. Just like we always wanted to.

The highlights of Anima Mundi Project include:

1. First ever foot traverse of New Guinea from the Highlands to the Coral Sea

2. Searching for elusive snow leopard in the Himalayas

3. Paddling the length of the MacKenzie River 

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Two people. Michal and Karolina. Together in life. Together in travel. Since 2010 we have visited over 30 countries scattered across 6 continents. From glaciers of the Alps, through Andean plateaus all the way to remote jungles of New Guinea.

A good few years back we decided to leave our home country Poland to start a new life in Scotland. As far as we can remember being close to nature was important to us. But it is Scotland that truly uncovered our passion for truly wild places. Weekend getaways to the Scottish Highlands were always the most awaited part of the weekly routine.

However, as we all know the weather plays a crucial role in Scotland. There were days, weeks, even months when the forecast for the Highlands was showing nothing but rain. In days like these our crave for nature has been compensated by remarkable wildlife series created by BBC. They only ignited the need to experience natural world by ourselves, to explore further.

All of it inspired us to create the project that would popularise natural world by exploring the most remote corners of the world. In times when human beings confine themselves to concrete jungles with disregard for suffering planet our project became our mission.


We need your help with financing the most challenging part of our project - the foot traverse of the island of New Guinea. On the 11th October we will land in Tabubil, a mining town in Papua New Guinea. For the next two months we will tackle the unchartered jungles and mountain ranges. 

We won’t be able to do it without the help from local communities. Every few days we will have to hire a ‘guide’ who speaks local language. We’ll also need a permission from local tribes to cross their territories as well as find a shelter in their villages every fortnight. Although people of Papua New Guinea are generally friendly, their hospitality comes at a cost. Many of you might find it surprising, we still do,  but Papua New Guinea is one of the most expensive countries to visit in the world. This is why we’re trying to gain your support!

All the money we’ll raise here on crowdfunded will go directly to local communities. On our way we plan to educate the locals on the benefits of preserving the environment in their vicinity as well as the potential of prospective ecotourism.