An Unquiet Child.Life & times of Cold War Warrior

An Unquiet Child.Life & times of  Cold War Warrior

This Project is to write a book based on a life of service, covering Royal Navy, US Army, various mid east countries & the British Army

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This is a book covering the period of the 50' through 2000, (after that you must wait for the next one), I was promted to start this by my bank manager as in his words it covers a period of history that is not yet covered in any detail and he found some of it very entertaining. 

I started my life in uniform at the age of 11 when my mother,  at her wits end, said the Navy was 50% responsible for him being here SO they can be 50% responsible for his education, and with that I found myself on a steam train to the wilds of Sufolk, it was here that I joined the Royal Hospital School ( at one time known as the cradle of the Royal Navy)  It was originally located at Greenwich Hospital School Greenwhich London on the banks of the Thames, and that was the start, 60 years later looking back its been one long adventure, from being chased by wovles on Syrian border to nearly getting arrested in Moscow.... many other events,  but read the book. It will see the light of day. 

In the words of the old Chinese proverb "I have lived in interesting times".

I estimated that the book will be finished with in 6 to 9 months, and if any body asks how certain are you that it will be finished I direct your attention to the photo at the start of this description, I said I would deliver the petition to No.10 and I did.... Now with the publication of this book the powers that be  will be reminded.

Many years ago before computers and the internet became the tools of trade for many I said I would drive from Arabia to the UK, "Can't be done",  "Too risky" "You are an idiot" ...I was told this and some comments that cannot be repeated. 3 weeks later still dressed in my Arab clothes I and my pickup arrived in London much to the surprise of an old time special.... Make no mistake the book will be published and be entertaining.

Why do I need funding well..first I intend to produce a hard back edition to satisfy orders that I already have, then of course I need a place to write undisturbed that place is available and needs paying for.

Also I am a member of a group of vetrans who are campaining for veterans rights and it has already been agreed that a certain percentage of any profit will go towards Veterans charities, the heading photo shows us delivering a petition to No. 10 asking the goverment for help.

Also a portion of the book profits will go to support our Veterans group activities, Parades, letters to MP's, bothering various VIP'S (reminding them of our service). For example there an estimated 250,000 to 300,000 veterans, many are in their late 80's early 90's who because of the then governmet policy are without any support / pension from the country they served. The number gets less each day. In total there are some 4 million Veterans in this country many need support....