An enchanting little book

An enchanting little book

I am raising money to publish my first book inspired by my little son.

We did it!

On 17th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £170 with 5 supporters in 56 days

Being an avid reader, I always aspired to write a book. When my son was born, I finally got the inspiration I needed. Cuddled in my arms, he reminded me of what innocence and purity looks like, and it is this very feeling that inspired me to plan my first book and turn my long lost dream to a reality.

The book is called “Grandma’s Garden”.

His very first reaction, expressions and emotion for the outdoors gave me an insight and an opportunity to see his new magical world through his eyes. It felt as though he was in some enchanted garden and everything was so splendid and wondrous to him. His first touch of the flowers and leaves, his first gaze of ants marching about and his first wizzz of the sound of buzzing-bees fly by - For the first time I felt his curiosity cultivate and his sense of adventure explore. I wanted to keep that spark alive.

It took me about 10 months to complete the book, just in time for his very first birthday...... additionally, I thought to myself, what better birthday gift can I give him? But this book; an opportunity to harness that attachment he felt, the spirit of inquisitiveness and the thrill to seek adventure in the world around him. I wanted to give him something that, in the coming years, would inspire him and inject love for the outdoors.

I want to share this with others out there and create a world of adventure.....

A little more about the book: Grandma garden is a book designed for 0-5 years of age, a good visual treat for infants and a lovely read along for parents. Each page of this short sweet story will take every child through the exciting colourful illustrations of the splendours of a cottage garden, little creepy crawlies, birds and butterflies, cheering along with a quirky poem.

Through each page, I want to nurture their sense of adventure. As they start to understand their space, I want  children to look forward to playing in the garden and in many ways bring the story to life in their own back yard.

The book’s value, for the most part, is to feed our little ones imagination with love for the outdoors and the simple things around them. I hope we can see this book come to life! You  and I can be kids again! We can build moments and memories with our little ones once their little feet find the ground. Hunt for exciting activities together and help them understand the world around them.

A publishing company is interested in publishing the book, however, they are charging me a fee of £2000 to cover the production costs. I need your help and support to give this little dream some wings to see it fly. I believe all children out there will enjoy this book as much as my son does. Your investment will be an investment in our children.

Every person investing £50 will have a free copy of the book.

Any questions please feel free ask. 

Thank you for taking the time to read ... X 

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