Our aim as a group is to continue to provide orphans and underprivileged kids the opportunity to grow and realise their dreams.

Our vision has always been to create a platform for underprivilrged kids and orphans to develop their potentials. In the last few years, we have provided food, clothing and other necessary resources to a number of orphans and underprvilrged children in Africa. We launched a project called "LOVE BUILDS UP PROJECT" which essentially is aimed at building the cognitive ability of such kids. Thus we focus on using child -centered approaches in educating these children who barely have any form of education. The focus of this project is to help imporve child development. Thus we have been able to allow these kids to use their imaginative abilities and even maybe for the first time expolit their potential. 

Additonally, we run a yearly "BOOKBANK PROJECT" which is aimed at equipping various community schools in Africa with books that would be relevnat for the educational system. The ultimate goal of this project is to set-up libraries in various communities and to equip these libraires with many books.

We realise how important technology is to the development of any child in this generation and as a result all our educational programmes have been centered on technology. We also seek to build technological centers  in many deprived communities to enable easy access to technology. The cost of these state of the art hardwares and softwares is very huge and has become a hindrance in the execution of htis plan of action. 

Utimately , we are working on beginning construction of a resource facility that will house about 1000 kids who have no homes and are in need of care. This resource center will cater for these kids, train them and help them realise their potentials through stong buy yet focused self-devlopment practises. 

We are aware of the fact that in the next 5 - 10 years, these kids will be well positioned to influence the direction of the development of their communities. We see a potential of leadership in various areas springing up in these young minds. It is our goal with your partnership to enhance this vison and together, achieve the fulfimement of this all important community devlopment.