Amateur Boxer Working Towards The Top

Amateur Boxer Working Towards The Top

Hello Everybody i am an amateur boxer looking to work my way to the top with your help I can make my dreams a reality

Unfortunately this project was not successful

On 20th Nov 2016 our project closed

Hello Everybody

I am a 19 year old Amateur Boxer. I am looking for funding to help me with buying the right equipment I need not just cheap equipment but the correct tools for the trade which will really help me advance and go further and last longer. The right boots to keep me light and fast on my feet but offering the best protection along with Gloves and Headguard offering the best protection to me in training and sparring. Also to help cover the money I pay to go to the gym and my boxing membership. I literally put in my absolute all to boxing. I do not drink and do not go out on weekends all I do is train 24/7 to be the best I can be and try to get as far as I can possibly get. With your help this will help make this dream even more of a reality for me. I really appreciate the help thank you so much and hopefully you will be part of a succesful career and the right path to greatness and progression.