All Year Round Conservatories

A Business project Telford, United Kingdom

All Year Round Conservatories

To raise enough capital to start my new business insulating conservatories to make them usable all year round.


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There are thousands of conservatories in the UK that are too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter which leaves them unusable. In addition, glare often makes using electrical apliances such as TVs and laptops or tablets virtually impossible and this combined with excessive rain noise (this is the UK after all) and the fading of furniture and effects means that thousands of people look at different insulating solutions.

The problem is that the polycarbonate roof essentially has no insulating or reflective properties and it's only benefit is that it stops the rain from falling into the conservatory itself!

Using a special foil designed for NASA's Space Shuttle missions, the sun's rays are reflected in the summer and the heat is retained in the winter plus it reduces rain noise, glare and fading making the conservatory able to be used 'all year round'. The installation is finished in a clean looking white UPVC cladding as per the image.