Aid For The Refugees Arriving in Kos and Lesbos

Raiding funds to cover postage to send parcels to Greece and buy items needed not available on the small islands.

New stretch target

Which this stretch target, we hope to be able to not just ship a few parcels, but maybe hire a whole van to deliver goods. Originally we thought that might be too impossible, but now we think it might be a possibility.

Thank you all so much!


Project aim

Raising funds to cover postage to send parcels to Greece and buy items that they might struggle to source in large quanities.

About the project

The more I have seen of the plight of the refugees arriving in Europe the more I have felt I need to do something myself.  I have a lot of wonderful friends who have arranged to help those in the makeshift camps in Calais but it's the images of the children crossing the sea in those tiny boats that have moved me the most. The islanders in Greece have their own economic struggles to deal with yet I have found a couple of projects who are helping on the ground to give out donations. 

I have been in contact with them and I plan on collecting donations and arranging to send it to Kos and Lesbos. With Autumn approaching and the weather turning colder warm clothing and blankets are needed, as well as items like baby carriers and shoes. Any funds raised will cover postage and I would like to buy as many baby carriers or slings as I can so these woman can keep their babies close.

Thanks for reading and helping.