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Agora think tank is UK's open forum for foreign policy. We are raising funds to fund our next policy papers and events.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 10:00pm 28th December 2017

Help us shape the UK foreign policy scene

We are Agora – the open forum for foreign policy.

Agora is a grassroots think tank. We aim to bridge the gap between UK foreign policy makers and you. We want to empower you to shape the debate on UK foreign policy. We will give you the platform and tools to publish your opinions in a blogpost or your new ideas in a  policy paper, to hold innovative events and to build a network of creative minds. Together we can make our voices heard!

In Agora, we believe that the best way of empowering people is the grassroots way: we crowdsource ideas in workshops, we communicate via social media and we are open for everyone to join, engage and contribute. In Agora, we believe that ideas are worth sharing because of what they say – regardless of who says them.
You can find us at

Agora is launching on November 16th and we are very excited to present the results of our first two policy papers sourced from our members.

But what comes next?
We need your support to be able to give people a voice, bridge the gap between foreign policy makers and the public and create a strong grassroots community. With your help we will be able to hold events, publish policy papers and blogposts, run campaigns to make key stakeholders listen and provide a place where everyone can come together and contribute and develop their skills. And in a truly grassroots fashion, we are crowdfunding to make all these things, and so much more, happen. We need to raise at least £1,500 for our open forum for foreign policy beyond the launch in November.

We understand that you want to know where your donation is going.
To give you an idea, for a £5 contribution, you help us keep our website up and running.
If you choose to contribute £10, you support 6 minutes of event space. That is 6 minutes of engagement on UK’s foreign policy.
For £20, you have helped us write and print just under a page of a policy paper. 
Thanks to your donation, a new idea that might just change UK foreign policy forever will be published!

In Agora, you can shape the grassroots discussion with a grassroots contribution.

Please donate. 

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