A.G Fitness Ellon

A.G Fitness Ellon

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 5:10am 30th July 2017

Help us (Nikki and Andy) realise our dream to open a stylish gym that inspires and motivates our members! Something which is sorely needed in the area. This has been after loads of feedback during our inception of the idea.

We are sick of the bland and faceless gyms you find in every city and town. We want our members to train in an environment which fills them with adrenaline and one free from the gym stereotypes which haunts a casual gym users dreams. A place bursting with energy where they can fulfill their fitness goals!

If what you see sends subliminal messages to your brain, we want that message to be, I'M HERE TO TRAIN. I'M HERE TO ACHIEVE GREATNESS!

For years we have been in the gym as workers, trainers and members and it has got to the point where the usual gyms are faceless mockeries of what they should be. We want to refresh how people percieve a gym and give them renewed interest and maybe next year they will follow through with their new years resolution.

Here is a short insight into our personal history with fitness

Andy 'I have been involved in training for over a decade and my training goals have changed from preparing for Scotlands strongest man to competitive bodybuilding. Lately I have completed Tough Mudder and placed 2nd in class at Mr Scotland. Also an experienced and qualified personal trainer.'

Nikki 'Health and fitness has been a big part of my life since I was a teenager. Passed the Potenial Royal Marines Course at the tender age of 16. Completed London marathon when I was 22 and most recent the baker hughies 10K. At this moment in time I am heavily focused on my weight training. '

Eventually we would like to build a purpose built facility to our exact specifications. But 'That is another story'

Our rewards will vary from extended memberships, backers name on the 'founders wall' and backers being able to name equipment (within reason).



Where and what is Ellon? It is a town in Aberdeenshire Scotland about 15 miles north of Aberdeen City. It is also home to Brewdog, a well known craft brewery.

When can I actually join the gym?  We are aiming for early 2018 opening but our backers will be the first to know.

How else can I get involved?  Even if you cant back the campaign, we appreciate any shares of our campaign. Everything is a big help for us.

How can you avoid the usual gym sterotypes? By being proactive in the gyms running, actually engaging with our members to see what they want to see. If we see anything that we deem as negative for our members it will be removed.