Opportunity to invest in the development of rural communities in Nigeria by donating towards solar electricity and economic empowerment.

Opportunity to invest in the development of rural communities in Nigeria by donating towards solar electricity and economic empowerment.

Invest in a Community – Improve Lives: Agbopa

Agbopa Village is a small rural settlement in the Ewekoro Local government area of Ogun State in Nigeria. It lies off the Lagos to Abeokuta expressway, adjacent to the historic market town of Wasinmi which is also known for breeding warriors and hunters.

Agbopa itself is a peaceable and amicable enclave with royal roots where subsistence farming and hunting are the main occupation of the inhabitants. The main crops farmed here are Cassava, corn, rice and plantain Earliest known records for Awowo date back to 1863 before the arrival of the British colonial masters when as the traditional chief recounts, Agbopa hunters were top pedigree and always got the best antelopes. The old church building which is over 150 years old is still in use today.

 Over a century later and inspite of colonialism, independence, oil boom, military regimes, democracy and digitalisation, Agbopa has remained rooted in the dark ages with no access to electricity. The village has remained totally off-grid which has meant that its community has remained largely underdeveloped.

Ironically a High-tension wire carrying electricity to other parts of the country cuts through nearby fields but yet no benefit comes to this and several other communities.

Residents in the village currently light their homes with a mixture of charcoal fires, candles and kerosene lamps, all of which are subtly injurious to health.

The local school is a ramshackle building which is also off-grid and therefore has very limited useful hours for education and homework.

Agbopa and other surrounding villages have a dusty and rundown commercial area in Awowo which serves as the trading nerve centre for the community. Here you can buy bread and other groceries, charge your mobile phone and transact other forms of business - but even that is powered by candles, kerosene lanterns and the very rare small scale dirty-fuel generator set.

Lack of access to electricity has meant lack of an decent quality of life for the villagers. Energy gives homes a longer and more functional day in which children can study, enterprises can be birthed and run successfully; phones can be charged at home and information can be accessed via mobile devices. The village square can be a lit and function as a safe gathering place and overall, positive change comes to the community.

Across the world, the global poverty rate has dropped by more than half since the 1990s directly as a result of access to electricity and this is what you can now make happen in Agbopa and surrounding Village too.

A Golden opportunity and a Gilt-edge Investment.

Today, the underdeveloped world in places like the Nigerian village of Agbopa have an opportunity to leap-frog over the most advanced nations and economies by lighting up their homes and village squares with clean, renewable energy and electricity directly from the sun. In the very same way that telecoms technology has allowed Africa to leapfrog over the historical, outdated, inefficient and under-capacity infrastructure like NITEL’s so too do we have an opportunity to invest in the lives of the people that will make Africa great by donating and investing to bring solar-power electricity and devices to these communities.