Help The Elderly

Help The Elderly

Once a week where the Elderly can come to have their afternoon tea, play games or just chat once a week.

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I had an idea, something just switched when my mother had a heartattack and was isolated in the house as she would not get out as much. I realised that we always had something going on in the community for youths but nothing for the elderly, so this is when i came up with the idea of getting the elderly in the community together, where they can get a hot meal which is catered for all individuals, play games, arts and crafts and making new friends.

I have recently been doing this project for the last 3 months and can only fund this for a further month as i have been doing this on my own back with my own personal time and money. If i had enough money i would have carried on without asking for help, this was my last resort as i have been to local council to fund me but they turned me away but i will fight till the end and try my upmost best to make sure that we give something back to the elderly. It would mean a great deal for the elderly in my community and me if you could donate whatever you can even if you think it won't be much it will still go along way. The target for this is £19647 and this will cover the cost of booking a community centre for the next 18 months for two hours a week, food and hot drinks and also any activities such as arts and crafts, water painting and also free trips to art gallerys, museums and theatres.

The three months that i have been holding these get togethers i have met some incredible human beings. I have seen people getting along, having deep conversations, destressing, letting go of their worries, smiling, more interactive, joining in and overall having something to look forward to every week they are13 people that come along every week in which 9 have been coming continously every week.

I know it may not seem alot to alot of people but this is to help our elderly, this is to help them to go out make new friends and have a little adventure.

Please help support this cause and keep the elderly happy and smiling.