Food Delivery Service for Afro - Caribbean Foods

Afchow (Afro-Caribean Chow) is a food delivery service that works to deliver meals from African and Caribbean restaurants.

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Afchow (African Caribbean Chow) is a food delivery service that works to deliver meals from African and Caribbean restaurants straight to the customer. Afchow works closely with restaurants that usually cannot afford to invest in a single delivery service, and also cannot afford to pay for services on bigger delivery platforms like Deliveroo, Just Eat, Hungry House etc. Afchow aims to bridge the gap between smaller restaurants and their loyal client base. Afchow aims to fix the problem in the restaurant delivery market where highly demanded meals from smaller niche restaurants mainly African and Caribbean are usually unavailable for delivery, or delivered at a high cost, usually putting the clients off.

 Afchow runs solely on an E-commerce platform. Afchow currently has a functioning IOS App in the Apple Store, A functioning Google Play App in the Play Store and a Website. Afchow originally launched on January 16 2016, ran for 2 months and during this time, boasts of over 253 deliveries directly from just 5 restaurants in Birmingham.

The new Afchow is looking to provide a service that works hand in hand with African and Caribbean restaurants starting with the major cities in the UK as well as a personal customer relationship. Afchow will provide the logistical service of collecting meals and delivering it directly to customers at an affordable delivery rate. Afchow would work to build a trusting relationship with the restaurants. In the future, Afchow is also looking to work with African- Caribbean stores in the UK to deliver their goods directly to the customers.

Afchow will start of focusing on working primarily with College and University students in major cities. As of February 2016, it is estimated that over 70,000+ African students are currently studying in a UK higher institution with Nigerian students contributing over 23,000+ to that number.

Afchow plans to run an exclusive service available to College and University students in major cities but also can be used seamlessly by non students as well.