Action 4 Bullying

Supporting young People Affected By Bullying

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Project aim

Supporting young People Affected By Bullying

About the project

Project aim

To support young people most at risk from the long term affecetd of bullying 

About the project

Action 4 Bullying is a youth project in the North of Birmingham which works with young people most at risk of the effects of bullying. We run exciting holiday projects and a youth club twice a week. All young people are referred to us by parents, teachers or other professionals to ensure our resources are targeting those most in need of support.

We run 2 weekly 3 hour sessions and providing a variety of activities such as sports, arts & crafts, Internet Access, help with homework, Xbox, music, drama & trips etc and we also run more structured issues based sessions which aims to provide young people with the confidence and skills to be able to deal with their issue of bullying in the most appropriate way. We also run regular project during school holidays.

Young people have the chance to take part in social activities & befriend other young people who are experiencing similar issues. This helps to boost their confidence and gives them an opportunity to  share experiences with other young people.

Bullying in schools & the local community is a significant issue & can have a profound effect on young peoples education and their long term future. Our project is essential as it will intervene and support the young person with theissue before it becomes too serious and has a significant long term affect. We work with young people in the earlystages of their experience of bullying and work with them to support them with dealing with it in the most effective way. We work along side local schools and intervene where necessary to ensure the bullying is brought to an end early on so that the effect of it is minimal. The project helps to give young people involved a confidence boost that willalso help them deal with their issue.

This crowdfunder, if successful will fund a 2 week holiday project for 10 young people affected by bullying. The young people will take part in various activities including drama, music, confidence building activities, Arts & crafts & much more. We will do issues based work around how to deal with bullying and where to go for support.